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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Patriot Day"


I can't think of a single instance when I have Wanted Lee Greenwood, stuck in my head.
When I found out this morning, that it was "Patriot Day", I was allowed to hold forth on some other ideas about what it means to be a Patriot.
Like the Right to Dissent, the Right of the Minority of One, the Right of the People to Know what their Employees are doing.
My kids are used to my rambling discourse, by now. I get eye-rolling from the older one, and the younger flits away like a sparrow who's gotten into the kitchen.
They are both going to be subjected to a lot of flag waving and propaganda, the school I help to finance.
They know, however, likely alone among their cohort, that the views and memes hammered home, today, are not representative of all Americans....that some of us feel differently...and yet still manage to love our country, in spite of it's crimes and failings.
I have spent most of the day wearing nothing but a large silken bandanna, red white and blue, stars and stripes.
I watched "Loose Change", and will attempt to corral my boys long enough to watch "Hijacking Catastrophe", some time this week.
It's good to have one's beliefs and assumptions challenged, from time to time. I strive for circumspection, and falsifiability.
But, I have seen nothing in the intervening years, to sway my first impression....that at best, elements within My Government Let the events of that day Happen(LIHOP).
At worst, that they Made it Happen.

How different the world is, 12 years later.
I hardly recognise my country, any more, when I see the cameras....even way out here....and think about the gps in my phone, and how every text and call I make on it is sucked up by the largest computer storage capability on the planet...about Key Words (Nyukular)...about Habeus Corpus.
About Secret Laws and Secret Courts, and Secret Blanket Warrants....when they even bother.
I think about all the lists I'm likely on, due to my refusal to "Watch what I say"...If I overcome my fear of flying, I wonder if I will be able to.
Today, I remember being strangled, by a drunken American Legionnaire, for having the Balls to say that Lil George is a War Criminal.('04)
I remember being called a Traitor, for believing that the wars...especially Iraq...were bad ideas...and likely criminal acts.
I remember Freedom Fries, and the de facto Ban on foreign food.
I remember "You're either with us, or your with the Terrists"
On that day, we ceased to be a Civilisation...and became a Gang.

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