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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I think Mr Rouhani is an improvement over the last guy they had in that position. Seems almost as reasonable....and sort of Khatami;( he's the President that came before the odious, but entertaining, Ahmadinijhad(sp-3).)
Of course, the real Power in Iran is with the Religious Authority...Ayatollah's(sp-3) and Imans, and all the rest.(the Iranian version of Islam is largely a mystery, to me...I know more about Zoroastrianism)

I reckon it would be cool to end the mini cold war we've been having with Iran for 34 years. I also think we should apologise....yes, I said it!... for Operation Ajax.
They seem to be a regional power....and sort of important in Shia Islam...which is another good reason to at least Talk with them.
McCain and Lindsey are stuck in time....this is a feature of the Pre Tea Gop....I think they're even Pre-PNAC in their attitude on this.
Nevertheless, the childish “policy” of staring across the street and growling occasionally should end....and what better time, than with a new Iranian President who , at the very least, appears to not require Thorazine before venturing out in public.

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