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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Exegesis on DOOM

(from Feb.'13, lost in the shuffle)

“The House GOP...winning the hearts and minds of Americans (not). Just in time for Obama's address later today.
    after careful and ongoing review of various and sundry numbers...I am almost ready to say that the Pendulum has become Unstuck.
    ...and I think that GOPTEA knows it...hence all the hollering and temper tantrums, and other toddler-like behaviour.

  • I read it again, and thought about it.
    prolly would be prudent to lay in a few extra supplies.
    Fiscal year ends on Sep.31?(terrible with dates), shutdown...maybe a crash by the end of October.
    In our still weakened state(it ain't 1995), demand could take a rather large hit.
    again, it ain't 95...we're service sector, now.
    I wrote the Prez...asked him to please kick some GOPTEA Ass, in the next few weeks..go all Heston as down the thunder.
    They've been burning and burning everything for a long while , they really want to burn the whole thing?
    It's looking that way.
    This article has made me madder at them, than I've ever been.

    GOPTEA needs a scolding...and the Democratic Party needs to stop pretending that GOP are merely the other party.
    I don't think they are.
    Dystopian Vistas sprawl before my inner eye.
    I think mythologically of Sith and Sauron, and the Galactic Empire(modern myth cycles)...of the Mule in Foundation...God-Emperor of Dune.
    How would one, with sufficient resources, bring about a NeoManorialism...neo Feudalism?
    How would one go about getting rid of those pesky ideas, like Democracy, Equality, Liberty?
    If you really believed that your group/class/subspecies(Ha!), were superior to the rest, and deserved to Rule...that the Masses needed the Noble Lie, and to be Governed by your benevolent, but firm hand(Strauss)...if you believed all would you go about it?
    One way, would be almost exactly what has happened, these past 4 decades, or so.(Powell Memo,etc)
    That's what articles like this make me think of...after so many years of studying these assholes.
    "Rage, Rage, against the dying of the Light"
  • principii obsta ;et respice finem.
    around 2003, 2 over-riding questions pushed there way to the front:1. why Iraq?(ans:it has to do with Resource Depletion...which nobody wants to talk about...but that is, nevertheless, the only driving force behind all the rest of the otherwise insane actions of the Right, that makes any sense.)
    And 2:"Who the hell are these people?!"
    The answer to #2 is even more complicated...there being factions and front groups, money men, and street thugs, and soccer's difficult to find what commonalities bring them all together...
    I spent 7 years, immersed in all things Right Wing; from Edmund Burke, to Hitler,lol.
    From Milton Friedman to Leo Strauss.
    and, in addition, I lurked on many RW fora...with aliases, and fake emails...what I call my Jane Goodall Period.
    I studied Trolls.
    The results?
    There's a million little groups, and big groups, all hollering and agitating...but these are not the Core.
    The GOP, and TEA, are not the Core. Even the Boardrooms are not the Core.
    The Core of this Revolutionary Movement lies in Gated Penthouses...Palatial Estates.
    Yacht Clubs, Country Clubs.
    The "Corporations" and "Hedge Funds" that we all get so worked up about, are not the Core...they are merely another curtain to hide behind.
    What we used to call the "Aristocracy" alive and well...and dug in, so far out of sight, that we've forgotten about them.
    Kock Bro's are among them...but we'll never see the rest.
    They don't go on TV...don't get caught at fundraisers.
    From what I can surmise, Leo Strauss comes very close to laying out the guiding Ideology of this Invisible Class...
    To them, we're serfs and vermin...incapable of self rule...stupid, ignorant, and ready to believe the Big Lie(see:Strauss,"Natural Right and History", and "On Tyranny").
    They see themselves as Natural Rulers....echoes of Divine Right.
    as for the Goals of this bunch, see #1, above.
    There's too many people for the planet to sustain...ergo, the herd must be thinned.
    Shocking, no?
    The Horror I felt, when I arrived at these 2 things!
    the huge near impossible problems Humanity faces...and the "Solution" engineered by these would be Masters.
    It really is Life or really is an Existential Fight.
    We really are in a struggle for Civilisation, itself.
    #1 means that there will be a general collapse, at some point. the Resources aren't there to sustain...and even if they were, we've managed to so damage the Biosphere(Commons), that we've effectively doubled down on the damage.
    #2 means that we've allowed this bunch to channel us into certain, determinative forks in the road.
    30-40 years ago, a choice was some cushy forget about a managed and humane Decline...and to instead, push the pedal to the firewall, extract as much wealth and power as possible, and then Hunker Down, while the Ecological Disaster, the Famine, and our own Inner Demons took care of the "surplus Population".
    Then they could emerge from the bunker, as it were, and be Saviours to the Remnant.
    ...and to the Manor "God Intended".
    This is the way I see things...and it ain't pretty...
    It also ain't for

Energy analyst Chris Nelder fires back at the latest fact-free commentary on peak oil:”
to wit:"I expect world oil production to rise, weakly, for another two years or so, as America falls into a deeper slumber believing that fracking has cured everything. The media will reinforce that belief. And when it comes, the wake-up call is going to be harsh. In the meantime we’re just going to be waiting for the punchline.

So to those who can grasp the data, here’s my final thought: How will you prepare yourself for The Great Contraction? You’ve got perhaps two good years left of business as usual, and maybe another three or four after that before things really get difficult. I encourage you to use them well, and do what you can to make yourself resilient and self-sufficient. What will you do 10 years from now if the price of gasoline is $10 a gallon?

Yes, we do need to have a serious talk about our values, hopes, beliefs, mythologies, and ambitions; about the embedded growth paradigm, the debt overhang, and economic theory in an age of diminishing marginal returns. Those are all important discussions. But let’s have them after we understand the facts about energy. Not before.

Whatever you do, don’t think that peak oil is dead just because some guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about said so in a fact-free blog post. It’s coming. Later than some thought, but sooner than you think."
(from today:

it's the same story for copper,Potash, even uranium and coal...topsoil, fresh water...on and on and on.
with all this in mind, I have encouraged my local gooberments to use the grants available to turn the ancient sewage plant into a gas at least run the water system...but everybody's a cornucopian.
and I am simply
This nexus of giant, unaddressed and terminal problems(climate, resource and peak Economics(go on, argue that one,lol)) are the underlying reasons for the all out balls-to-the-wall implementation of panopticon, corps-deregulation,and the wonton destruction of the Rule of Law.
but, instead of doing what we can to mitigate all of this, we're mired in apathy, or in bickering over the crumbs, or in being oh so terrified of the terrist, or the gay, under the bed.
I have said repeatedly, that I don't deny the reality of decline..what concerns me is HOW we enter that ruthless fire-monkeys, at each other's throats...or as compassionate citizens, aware that we share the boat.
now that i've scared the shit out of everybody,lol...and driven you all to the nearest liquor cabinet...
am I without Hope?
hell no.
there's still time to take it all back from the "Noble Lords"(sic), and their legions of fearful and violent followers.
The Pendulum, reference far above, does indeed appear to be moving, at long last.
Better late, than too late.
Unlike many of my Doomer buddies, who believe that it's already as good as Over...and that it's past time to retreat to our own bunkers, and try and stay out of the way...Unlike them, I am far too Agnostic to believe in such Certainties...
yes, it appears that the current Paradigm of Human Industrial Civilisation is patently unstable, and unsustainable...I have not been able to disprove this.
But that just makes it all the more imperative that we...the non-crazy,non-racist,non-misogynist,pro-education, pro-99%(!)...all of us who haven't drunk too deeply of the Neoliberal Koolaide...that we wake up, then stand up...and kick the bastards out.
We've heard the phrase,"Take our country back!"...usually without any explanation as to "Who from?",lol.
As with so many Right Wing Tropes...this is Projection...projecting their own secret desires and wants and needs, their own hatred and self loathing, onto Us.
It is We who should be Taking Our country back...
the nature of their long term, slow motion Coup has been such, that the conventional ways of countering treason, and ...yes..Evil...are no longer applicable.
Poisoning the Language, totally fouling "debate",shouting lies and half-truths, for so long that folks begin to believe them.
If Holder...or the Prez.. were to make any moves to apply the Rule of Law...the Great Wurlitzer of Ignorant Outrage would spin up.I can hear them, now..."see...he IS a Dictator!".
I'm afraid that it's up to US.

-me, on FB, july 21-22,2013

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