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Monday, February 11, 2013

Health Rant for February 2013

So I’m scheduled for Hip Replacement Surgery, on the 25th of this month…
In North Austin.
The “Pre-Op”..wherein they hook me up to an EKG and Exsanguinate me…was eyeopening…
Aside from my 70 year old skeleton,
I am, apparently, as Healthy as an Ox.
A little overweight…from Laying There, for so long…
In fact, technically, “Obese”…
I question this,…especially when I stand before the mirror, Nekkid.
A little Paunch…much more than what I consider my “Norm”…but where is that extra 35 pounds kept?
(I insist that it’s all in my head,lol…as in Brains)
Kidneys, Liver, even Lungs and Heart…wonderfully Robust.
I was shocked, really.
After the Drunken Ramble of the last 25 years, gradually tapering off, to today…
Chain Smoking, essentially…
And coupled with the increasing Immobility…
I had expected worse.
Of course, I could kick off, right on the Table…
As they say, “surgery is inherently Dangerous…”
(in that case, know that I dearly Love my Wife and Sons!...and I am very Fond
of all you so very Silent sons-a-bitches, out there…(giving a poignant edge to the word,”Lurk”!))

I’m very nervous about the whole Anesthesia, Catheter(!!!) and Tube in my Throat, bit…
After the wreck, I had no choice, for one….and I have no memory…aside from tiny flashes.
A Morphine Dream, of Pain and Disconnected, hallucinatory events…
This time, I’ve got almost a Month to Think about it.
I have avoided Thinking about it, for 6+ years…an amorphous , Future Event…at times, I despaired at ever reaching this point…
Now, it’s at the very forefront of my Mind…
the Blessed Event…and what comes after..
Will it Help?
Will it be orders of magnitude Better?
There’s still the rest of my Skeleton….
The Crumbling Vertebra T-4(or5,or 6…the XRay was only before me for a moment), is especially Bothersome.
I doubt I’ll ever cook agin.
What shall I do?
I will have to Reinvent myself…again.
I’m Limited by being stuck, way out here…few Jobs…fewer that don’t require Physical Labor..
and those that do not, I am unqualified for.
Honestly, I’m probably Unsuited for them ,as well!
”Unsuited” meaning,”Feral”
I won’t wear a Tie…I won’t cut my hair.
Those sorts of jobs seem to require such Fakery…and I have grown too Wild , for that sort of Dishonesty.
Too, I have no Experience with “Office Work”….I have often wondered what they do all day!
I’m thinking of Artisan…Birdhouses, Hand Forged Crucifixes…something…
Or Author…once I can sit up for longer.
Local Ag. is one of  the Objects of my Crusading…as is Alt Energy… Especially Methane…
Unknown, until after…if I’m able enough for that.
Hyperegulation of Small Enterprise is a limiting factor, as well.
Maybe put in a Vineyard, out at Mom’s…join the budding Local Wine Industry.
It was, after all, My Idea…almost 20 years ago…(but, as I didn’t move on it, no one knows this,lol).
I have been ahead of my time, many times…there’s little money in Revolution, if one is Too Early!

What I won’t do, is Dishonest Work…or Drudgery…which likely means that I won’t work “for” somebody…
If I have learned anything, it’s that Life is too damned Short for that.
Whatever I end up doing, it must be amenable to Passion!
And to those Qualities I consider my Best…my sin qua non.
Probably a tall order,lol.

Two Weeks, or so…to go….
Then I expect to have Hard Data to go on…
Until then, I might as well be talking about Lunar Colonisation.
Light a Candle, for me…or whatever it is that you do…on the 25th.

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