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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Sorry, if I offended.
I wrestled with that last thing…to the Nicholas Lizard.( )
My Reasoning is thus:1 He knowingly associates with such outfits as AEI, and WSJ…
2His entire “Argument” is Representative of the Mindfuck visited on the great mass of the Rest of Us, these past 35(100?) years.
3Mix 1 & 2, he painted a target on himself…and, as per usual, with such creatures, doesn’t expect any of Us to Bite Back.
 Number 3 is Important.
We should Bite Back…and Hard.
For most of my life, I (we) have been the Victims of Ad Hominem, and Elitist Sneering from such Reptiles.
They have played on the Fears and Ignorance of our friends and neighbors, to enlist them in the Fight against Us…we have endured Hatred, even Beatings, from their many versions of Brownshirts(from Tie Wearing Scolds, to Rednecks and Bikers).
Any Counterargument has been met with Derision, and Screaming.
The vast Majority of Humanity has been regarded as Worthless…including the Majority of their own supporters.(!!)
The Thinkers on Our Side have been Too Fucking Nice!
I’m tired of being Nice.
I wish to Strike at the Root….and the Root lives on Wall Street.
The Folks out here…the Befuddled herd who blithely attach themselves to the Thieves and Whores and Weasels…without understanding their actions…they are Not the Enemy.
Heritage, AEI,PNAC(or whatever incarnation…)”Wall Street”, K Street, Madison Avenue, Etc etc…
They are the Enemy.
The ones who believe that the great mass of humanity are mere impediments to their further advancement…worse, stepping stones…
The ones who have , not only furthered…sold…the Heartless Evil of HyperAvarice….But Formulated the Rationale.
The ones who have Stolen the Whole World…Stolen even the Image of Jesus….perverted into their own image.
Even Our Own Party has been Stolen by this Insidious Band of Dark Philosophers, this Mob of Manipulators and Liars and Cheats.
The very Language has been perverted to their Ends…
And now, at this late hour, it becomes Evident that Time is Running Out.
From Peak resources, to the terrifying changes in the Climate; from the Patenting and Manipulation of the Language of Life, itself…to the Encirclement, by Regulation and other means, of the capacity to Take Care of Ourselves and our Own…to the other Encirclement ,of the Panopticon…where We, the People, are Watched, tagged and Bagged.
When is the Right Time to Stand Up?
When is it Acceptable to say, No? Enough?
If the last 6 years have taught me anything, it is that the Systems that Nicholas and his buddies have built, are the epitome…the Quintessence…of Evil.
And that Mythology is at the Root of it.
When is it OK to Step on their Toes? To Piss them Off?
To Fight?
Much of the Citizenry is Offended by my Vitriol….
That’s unfortunate, I guess…
I am Offended, myself.
I am Offended at being Labeled a Leech.
I am Offended at being unjustly regarded as a Traitor, a Cockroach, a Terrorist.
I am Offended at being expected to sit idly by, in Silence, while My Country is Stolen from me.
I am Offended at the Use of even Christ, himself, to Further Hatred and Greed.
When is it Acceptable to Offend, in turn?
The Head, the Brain, of Our opponent is Impossible to find…Machine is Everywhere, and Nowhere.
Machine’s Representatives will have to do.
Nicholas is one such representative.
As FDR said, “I welcome their Hatred.”
Arise, folks, and Bite Back. 

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