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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amfortas ventures Forth(2-19-2013)

So I’m Calm, now.
Hour or so of that Yes! album(“Classic”) I got at wallywirld(ugh)…
Lite Beer(b/c I don’t really like it)
Now Miles, Filles de Kilimanjaro, and In a Silent Way…
Comforting…now, after bringing in Library Wood, for tomorrow’s Rain Event, it’s Kind of Blue…

I left, this morning, at 9:30….all the way to North Austin.
I remember when it was cedar woods and Rangeland.
Testing distances…so I took 29 to 183, at Seward’s Junction…and headed south…into Cedar Park/Round Rock…and the absolute Fuckup they’ve made of 183.
I know to blame Rick Fucking Perry, because it’s a goddamn TollRoad that’s smack in the middle of what used to be a rather simple Highway.
So, 120 miles, and 2 ½ hours, and I’m pulling into Chuy’s…
The north Austin Version.
Get the patio…and learn that Austin’s No Smoking Crusade extends out there, as well…
as expected…
Order Enchilada’s Chicka Boom, or something…(Chuy’s Rocks)
…and read Neitzsche, alone in my little corner…birds
flocks of them,
Ignoring me.
The denizens of North Austin…staring…
They , in their Brooks Bro’s Shirts and Cologne,
…and I’m like a Ghost of Austin Past…
They can’t figger if I’m Real, or not.
‘Ecce Homo’, indeed!

So I go to the Bonesaw Shop, next door to the Hospital where the Blessed Event will take place…
Quick talk with the PA….
He’s in a hurry(vibes), and attempts to reassure me.(he’s recently from Chicago, so there may be certain cues, body language issues there…)
On to the hospital, proper…
More of the same…and more Exsanguination!
Mountain of Homework!

4PM Leaving.
Thick Austin Traffic.
I accidentally get on the Toll Road(Damn You, Rick Perry! Damn you to Hell!)
Reckon I’ve missed my desired Road…1441….but, no!
 There it is, after I find Regular 183.(!?!)
20 minutes later, headed West, sort of…and I’m in mostly The Country.
Winding, beautiful Road…Hills, covered with the hated Cedar(Mountain Juniper)…
Quite Lovely.
Light Traffic…as no one lives out here.
The Herd continues North…
….But there’s Smoke!
Lots of it.
 My Lovely Highway passes through Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife somethingorother…
(that’s why it’s so perty)
TPW is doing a Controlled Burn…that doesn’t appear to be all that “controlled”…
Helicopters with Buckets…Cops!
Firetrucks(mostly “Brushtrucks”) careening around, with Purpose(I assume, but cannot attest).
Almost 20 miles of this.
Finally get to Marble Falls, then Granite Shoals(speedtrap/Fundyland), then the Truck Overheats!
Pull in, next to the marker across from what used to be a Giant Granite Rock(Pluton/Batholith)…
but is, now, a broken pile, jagged…they’ve taken most of it away for seawalls, and state capitols…
Pour in a quart of oil, and the contents of one of the canteens…(“Be Prepared”…especially if yer Po Folks)
And on Home…after an uneventful 50+ miles.

I understand that people do this sort of thing every day….
But I most certainly do not.

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