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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

They’re coming for your Guns, again!

LOL.(lol is re: the right's insane response to such insanity)

Another crazed gunman.
Aside from the welcome rhetoric about the Piss Poor Public Mental Health System, the aftermath of this horrible event is entirely predictable.
It occurs to me, lurking as I do in my blind on Townhall(Ha), that the Second Amendment is beyond Debate.
It is Sacrosanct!
Holy Writ!
Not to be questioned!
Well and Good.
I am always in favor of Vigorous Defense of the Bill of Rights.
…which is what I’m on about.
Why only THAT Amendment?!
Aren’t there quite a few more?
I remember when there used to be a Fourth Amendment…or, at least, Most of One.
That particular Amendment has been whittled and wasted…all in the service of Fear…from Fear of Communists…to Fear of Druggies…Fear of Black Men…and, now, Fear of Terrists.
To assuage those Fears, we have allowed most of the Fourth Amendment to be burned away.
You are no longer assured security in your Homes, your Papers, nor Effects.
Every E-mail, every Phone Call is recorded and stored at some NSA “facility”…much is stored, on the Security State’s behalf, by the industries, themselves.
There’s a GPS Thingy in your Cell Phone.
Warrants are a thing of the past, as long as the Magic Words, “National Security” are uttered.
A whole class of Our Employees (Law Enforcement) has been trained to trick you into giving up your Rights (“Rolling Questions”=”Do you mind if I come in/look in the trunk”)
Dogs as arbiters of one’s Privacy….trained dogs, whose validity as “Evidence” is perennially questioned.
Whole Demographics have been preferentially singled out for scrutiny…not only African Americans, but white dudes with long hair.
Naked Grandmothers in the TSA Wing.
Can we maybe redirect some of the Vigor with which we Defend the Second?
Can we talk about the Fourth?

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