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Sunday, December 2, 2012

the Real Utopians

“Note that it is not required that the agents be rational.”(1)

Is it just me?
Does anybody else find themselves laughing out loud, while taking an impromptu Wiki Refresher in US Economic History?
The recent implosion of this Mythos has the Free Market Fundies in an uproar….a quiet one, given; taking place well out of the evening news…and away from kitchen tables. Straussian Esoterica, again. Do not question the Priests.
The exchange reminds me of the early years of Christianity…all the wrangling and carrying on over whether Jesus was God and Man, God, then Man, Man, then God, and so on….
I’m interested in “What Comes Next”.
What I expect, is that the Neoliberals, though briefly , sort of, chastised, are still in charge.(or , at least, think that they are(Certainty).)
The only significant change has been Late Election Rhetoric, signaling a willingness to Tax the Rich.
I can only Hope that this indicates a broader shift.
Top and Bottom are running along separately, it seems.
Top will act as if nothing happened, if We let them.
Should be an interesting time.
I like the idea of Jubilee, myself.
Get all Radical, and just wipe out the debt.
I realize that this will never happen,lol…our Faith in the Reality of these things, like “Money is Inherently Valuable”, is too strong.
I also like the idea of FDR’s “Second Bill of Rights”…as well as Jefferson’s Eleventh.
Reckon an anti Personhood Amendment, for Corps(e), would shake things up a bit, as well.
All of these things require Popular Agitation, if not a General Strike…which illuminates the reason behind 100 years of Anti Marxist Hysteria.
Can’t have the “Consumers”, ”Workers” or other Euphemisms getting all uppity.
The Problem is, that the actual planet under our feet has changed…Limits to Growth, and all that…as well as the addition of Two Billion People in the last decade and a half. The Models no longer fit, so a new Model is needed.
I like Mondragon…and Ace Hardware.  Community Land Trusts.
I like Charles Eisenstein.
I like thinking that revisits Foundational Assumptions…like “Efficient Market Theory”…
and, instead of being Fearful(that the Market will Smite Us!), are courageous enough to throw out the crap.
Economic Atheism?!

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