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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tar Baby

(or, why we should cease giving credence to the right)

I’ll boil down these thousands of words, interesting as I may find them:
Unless one’s Opponent is, 1. genuinely seeking Truth, and 2, has Good Faith in that endeavor, and 3, agrees to certain Debate Rules…Unless all of these are present, it is not worth it.
Walk away, but keep them away from the levers of Power.
(Worth a read, even given it’s length)

Addendum, after doing a little laundry:We are at a disadvantage...similar to ACLU defending the American Nazi Party,lol...It is in the nature of....shall I say, "non fanatics"? give our opponent the benefit of the doubt, as to their arriving honestly and fairly at Truth.
As such, I reckon that it is counter-productive to, any longer engage the Zealots...until such time as they demonstrate a willingness to fairly engage in debate.
In a nutshell, and pragmatically, folks like Obama, and even Durbin, should avoid Fox News, and Rush, and all the rest of the Great Wurlitzer.

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