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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weather and Pain(again) Calling All Grad Students

I noticed a connection between Weather Phenomena(Cold Fronts) and Bone/Joint Pain, soon after my wreck…more than 20 years ago.
I was still bedridden…perhaps a month after the wreck, and all of a sudden had a noticeable Increase in the Pain. Approximately 12 hours later, a big Cold Front, with associated storms, blew through.
I remembered my Grandma’s “Weather Toe”, and other anecdotal examples of this phenomena, and forgot about it…until the next Front came. For many years, I thought of this only as it was happening…and attributed it to Pressure Changes…(turns out, that, and Humidity, have been where most of the relevant research into the matter have been focused…with little success).
When I moved out here, the wide open, Big Sky…as opposed to dense Pine Forest…as well as my first real access to the Internet, sparked an intense study of Meteorology. I had Radar and Satellite, at my fingertips…and could go out in the yard, and directly observe what was on my screen.
I became somewhat adept at weather forecasting…I could look at a cloud formation on the horizon, and know how far away it was(confirmed by radar) and what sort of Weather it entailed.
Since we lived in a trailer house, predicting Tornado Weather, lent added importance to all of this.
One of my observations is that our “mountain” seemed to deflect approaching storm fronts….if the squall line was roughly perpendicular(n=>s) to the general Lay of Mason Mountain(e=>w), the squall line would break in two…sparing us the heaviest weather. Tornadoes, and potential tornadoes(wall clouds, etc) would go around us. I watched this happen, in real time from the yard…and with minor delays, onscreen(radar).
That little bit of elevation(300-500 feet above the surrounding plateau) seemed to be enough to Break the Wave of the Squall Line….perhaps due, in part, to the ever so slightly increased pressure above the ‘mountain’…
I acquired a $50 walmart weather station…with a Barometer…and my Dad gave me a “Weather Glass”…coupled with the “surface analysis” maps, at, it was the best I could do, as far as measuring local Barometric Pressure…the accuracy of the digital barometer is unknown.
What I noticed, over the years, was the perception that I could Feel Fronts and Hurricanes, at great distances…
I tried to correct for bias…I purposefully avoided the weather page, until I Felt “something” approaching.
2005 was the best year , yet, for the idea of Action at a Distance…Katrina, Rita and Wilma(with the lowest Pressure ever recorded) were Felt, acutely, by me…There I was, going about my business, blissfully(if purposefully) unaware of the approach of hurricanes…until I suddenly Hurt Like Hell. To the computer, I went…and there they were. I felt Katrina, then Rita, as they crossed Florida, into the Gulf…a distance of 2000+ miles. My Glass and Digital Barometers showed no change in local Pressure. NWS, similarly, showed nothing(like isobars) that could account for this…what the hell was the Mechanism?!
When Wilma, a little while later, was close to the western end of Cuba…and was at it’s Lowest Pressure…I felt it…big time. It was all I could do to wait for the relevant pages to load, to see if the sudden, intense Pain, had any potential cause.
Again…no obvious Mechanism, between the storm, and my Skeleton.
I am, at best, an Amateur Scientist. I never acquired the Higher Math(Calculus) to be the Real Thing… So forgive me, please, if what I’m about to propose sounds silly, or even outside Conventional Science…and remember that Science is all about pushing Boundaries, and getting well outside the box…
There is some other Mechanism at work, here. It ain’t just air pressure. I regularly happen to glance at the Digibarometer, and Catch it moving, up or down, with no corresponding Skeletal Effect.
Could it be Perturbations in the Gravity Field of the Earth? I understand that Gravitational Waves are usually though of on Very Large Scales…still…I think it bears looking into. Too, although I don’t understand the Math, my Gut tells me(rather , my Bones,lol) that Tesla, Longitudinal Waves and something called “Scalar Fields”, may be at work. I know, I know…HAARP, and Conspiracy Theory! I’ve thought of that,…
It is my Instinct that compels me to put this out there…something is happening , here…I’ve attempted to be as rigorously Objective as possible…and I don’t think it’s “all in my head”. I suspect that what is lacking is instrumentation…something between my skel;eton, and the barometers, and LIGO. Surely there is a way to measure whatever this is…I think that in order to come up with Instrumentation, some thinking needs to be done, regarding a conceptual framework…what could the Mechanism for this Phenomena be?

I have neither the resources, or the skill set to pursue this any further…it is my hope that some Grad Student, with a penchant for the Fanciful, and a likely interest in Weather, and Theoretical Physics, will at least consider this.
Could be a stepping stone towards a Unified Theory, even.(if it turns out to be something so Grand, name a particle, or something, after me. lol).
“Consider a toroidal mass with two degrees of rotation (both major axis and minor-axis spin, both turning inside out and revolving). This represents a "special case" in which gravitomagnetic effects generate a chiral corkscrew-like gravitational field around the object. The reaction forces to dragging at the inner and outer equators would normally be expected to be equal and opposite in magnitude and direction respectively in the simpler case involving only minor-axis spin. When both rotations are applied simultaneously, these two sets of reaction forces can be said to occur at different depths in a radial Coriolis field that extends across the rotating torus, making it more difficult to establish that cancellation is complete.[citation neede”
(could be a description of a Mesocyclone)(….and, remember Phi…and the similar structures of galaxies, storms and convection currents in hot grease, with cornmeal floating(I worked in a Catfish Place,lol)
2-dimensional representation of a 3(or 4-) dimensional thingy(a scientific term).
looks like a thunderstorm, to me.
I understand the difference between ‘gravity wave’ and ‘gravitational wave’…this is for analogy…the Capillary Wave-Idea, applied to the latterr…perhaps there’s a Blind Spot in our measurement, and/or Conception.
the frontal boundary dipping into Texas, was 100 miles north of I-20, (about 300 miles North of me) at 2am, when I was roused by the usual crushing, general Pain…and the stabbing in my joints…that seems to distinguish Weather Pain, from other sorts…like work-induced(say, digging a ditch), or the ‘normal’ background pain. My Digital Barometer has a record of the last 24 hours of pressure….and shows no change, at all. Similarly, the above map shows nothing to account for what I feel.
Note the Differential, between the High(1030)in Nebraska, and the Low(1008) due South of Big Bend…draw a line between them, and I am a little to the right…about where the red number:1012 is. The greater the differential, the greater the pain…and it seems to be more acute if I’m sort of between the extremes.

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