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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yesterday, as part of my First Grader’s “Star of the Week”-Thing, I moseyed down to his class, with Guitar in hand, and attempted to connect with his class.
Tough Crowd!
Blank stares,lol.
My kid was the only one who knew what “Blues” was.
Or Jazz.
Only three others knew what “Rock and Roll” meant.(!)
Everyone knew what “Country Music” was….which shouldn’t have surprised me, I guess.
From the beginning of our Parenthood, we have endeavored to Broaden and Deepen our boys’ Minds.
They are quite used to my long-winded explanations, filled with Nuance, and Complexity.
”Both Sides” of a given Historical Event are explored…North and south, Anglo/Indian, USA/Iraq,lol.
I’ve consistently employed the Socratic Method…encouraging them to Think.
I have also endeavored to Hijack the Music-Playing-Devices, at every opportunity.
This school year, I became systematic.
You Tube!
+100 Watts.
I wake them up with a wide variety of Music.
Today, it was Flamenco(Gypsy Kings, esp. “Trista Pena”)….and Fado (Mariza!)…
Yesterday, it was Louis Armstrong.
I usually have a Theme, of sorts…
Mahalia=> Ella=> Donna Reeves=> Billie Holliday.
Miles=> Coltrane=>Dizzy, etc
One morning, it was Wagner, Das Reingold…(Das Vorspiel!!!)
I reckon it’s safe to say, that we are the only one’s doing such things, around here.
If the school won’t do it, I will.
There’s more to the World, than Lil’ Wayne, and “New Country”(Barbed Wire Halo,lol.)
In the face of the Narrowness that surrounds us, here…I believe that a degree of Multiculturalism is important. If one actually knows a thing or two about Persian History and Culture, for instance, one is less likely to fall into the Hate Trap that is necessary for the usual War Mongering.
As I’ve said, we Hate what we Fear, and we Fear what we do not Understand.
It is Incumbent on me, as a Parent, to Mitigate such things.
Music is a nice beginning…
And a Cool Way to wake up.
”The world is a fine place; and worth fighting for.”-Hemmingway.

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