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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the ditch, revisited.

With Willard’s continued Traveling Roadshow of “The Stupid Dance; Variations on a Theme”, I can’t help myself.(1)
I’ve been saying for a long time that I think they’re all crazy, and seem to inhabit an alternate universe…but, Damn!
When Willard was the choice that the Punditry picked, early on in the Primaries, I thought…”This is all they got?”
What does this mean? I wondered….
In a nutshell, the Conservative Revolution has run up against the Wall of it’s own absurdity.
As I’ve said, they got everything they wanted with Lil George…larded on to what Bill had handed them….a Fulfillment of the Reagan Revolution.
When their longed for Dream turned out to be made of Cow Shit, they scattered, and doubled down,…many pretended to have been “Libertarians”, all along…lol. The Smell was hard to shake.(image of dog that’s just been Skunked,lol)
Incoherent, Laughably Inept, Utopian, in the worst sense of the word.
Since at least 08, the Right’s Great Wurlitzer has been relying , more and more, on Misdirection, Nonissues, and Outright Lies, to keep their “Base” in Fear and Loathing.
The “Kenyan Usurper”(sic*) has played them masterfully…Presenting them with their own ideas and policy proposals, from years past, and watching them squirm, while pretending not to…contorting into ever more impossible shapes.
I’ve been studying these folks for a long time….as I said, I went and read a great lot of the “Source Material”….from Edmund Burke, to Buckley, to Goldwater, to Strauss, and on and on.
Starting around the same time I stumbled onto Latoc(’03?), I began Lurking on a few “Conservative” Fora(2) …Immersion, sort of, to see what they were talking about.
There was nothing nefarious about this…I tried hard NOT to be a Troll…I rarely said anything, at all.
I was Jane Goodall, sitting in my Blind, watching them when they were at their most comfortable.
I wanted to know what the draw was…and I approached it with as Open a Mind as I could muster.
What I found was mostly Hatred and Fear, and a whole lot of Ignorance about some very Basic Things.
The Economics side of things is the hardest to refute(a near-future post)…the rest would have been easy, if I had thought for a moment that anyone “over there” was even remotely interested in Apprehending the Truth.
As it stood, when I took off my mask, as it were, at the end of this Foray(maybe ’09?), and asked a few pointed questions…I was excoriated….and, then, Excommunicated.
No Thoughtful Critique is allowed!
(I was not disrespectful, I really wanted to know,lol)
I considered getting a couple more alter-e-mails, and starting over with the new Tea Party Mess…but, frankly, I couldn’t stomach any more. I’d learned enough. (although, I do still wander into that Cave, when something Big happens.)
So, when I say that I’m a Federalist, Libertarian, Social Democrat (lol!)…understand, that I didn’t just pick this out of a hat…it is the result of much Study, and much Thought….and a more than due Consideration for “The Other Side”.
It is due to this “Field Work”,and much "Book Work", that I can say…almost Categorically…that the Right is Bankrupt. What Good Ideas they entertained in the past, they have abandoned in favor of Unmitigated Nuttyness.
There are a few who have come to the same conclusion(3)…indeed, it is becoming more and more apparent to all but the most Muddled and Fearful, every day.
I expect the Repubs to lose, badly, this year….despite the Billons and the belligerence.(4)
And then I expect the GOP to fracture, perhaps into as many as 4 parties…
Dare I say that the long awaited Pendulum Swing has …finally…begun?
I sure hope so.
Of course, I have many….Issues…with the Dems, as well.
But it’s more fun….and much less Mind-Liquefying…to Lurk on Dem Fora .(5)
At the very least, Reason lives there….and Objective Facts(as best as we can determine)…and as close as we are likely to get, without a Major Overhaul of Education, to a Genuine Regard for Truth, and it’s Pursuit.

* I am a fan of Obama, and I think the Ridiculousness is Delicious!
(2)From the horse’s mouth on the day I linked this, they had a “poll”,” Is Obama's foreign policy to blame for the attacks and unrest in the Middle East and North Africa?
1. Yes, absolutely
2. Somewhat
3. Unsure “
LOL. “No” is not an approved answer, I guess.*/index

(3)”Fair and Balanced”™ is Inoperable and Fubar. Reboot.

(5)I used to get these, but I went all stealth-mode…
I’ve never received a Lefty-Analog:

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