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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kafka Charges Forth

Rollercoaster of emotions…
Friday, after my phone died in the middle of the call(all I got was “you’ve been approved…”)
after, then, dealing with kid’s phone, and the inability to dial direct to the Government Person who initially called me…
after all that, I determine:
I am “Medically Approved” for SSI…which will (Finally) get me onto Medicaid…
And…That I am, as yet, “Unapproved for Non-Medical”, for SSI…they need more Paper.
Wife’s Income(again)…and the value of my broken down shell of a trailerhouse…which sits in a pasture, out at Mom’s…
The Tax People reckon it’s worth $11K…which is $8K over the SSI Limit for my “assets”…
I’m told to try and get it Appraised…
So I spend all morning on the phone to banks and Real Estate Agents, and Property Appraisers, who…to a man…say they can’t do it…
Because it’s not “Real Property”….it is, instead, “Personal Property”.
Ergo, I have a choice between the Tax Office Guy, who apparently thinks this shell of a “home” is lined with Platinum….or one of the “mobile home manufacturures’” Appraisal People….which, by all accounts, will cost me at least $500…and likely, $1000+…..
Which is, of course, probably MORE than the damned thing is worth!!!
So I elect to call the Tax Guy…I tell him it ain’t a “Homestead”…it ain’t “Real Property”(which I glean means,”attached to a parcel of land”)…that it doesn’t have plumbing, or a/c, heat, electricity, a kitchen, and that one can see daylight from both bathrooms, as well as the former Kitchen.
He drones on about the “New Bathroom”…$5K….which is missing a whole wall, as well as a door, and has raccoons living in it(!!!!!!!!)(really)
He then drones on about the “Deck”, which is totally gone….and the “Patio”, which was a porch, but which is now half gone…and what remains, is dangerous to set foot on… “valued”, respectively, at $700, and $2000(!!!!!!!!!!!)
Stepdad’s sudden insanity is not the only reason we left for Town, you see…
So I got the whole thing down to $6500…still $3500 0ver the Limit.
Tax Guy says, take some pictures….
Hopefully, it will then be “revalued”, again, down to the cost of hauling it off(which is what I had wanted to do, but have had no money)
The other option, is to sign on to something called “Conditional…”something-or-other…and put an add in the paper for the next 9 months, with that remnant of a trailer for sale, for the,Current, “Appraised Value”…$11,000.
If I do that, I can get Medicaid as soon as November….and, presumably, locate a willing Orthopaedic Surgeon….replace the Hip, and the Vertebra(maybe more than one)…”Fuse” the Ankle…and maybe even get a new Knee, too…as well as the necessary Physical Therapy….all of which is likely orders of magnitude more than $11,000…..
If a Rich Idiot wanders by , and shells out $11K for this Junker…wonder of wonders….I will hafta “pay back” whatever Medicaid I have received….
I have no Idea, at all, if this means that Medicaid will get the $11K, or whatever, or if I will be expected to “pay back” the whole amount….which, according to previous inquiries, could be north of a Quarter Million….
I harbor no Hope that such details will be forthcoming….I likely will never know, for sure, until Medicaid(or US Attourney, or whomever) tries to collect…which, as these things go….could be Years. (Social Security had us down as, not only Separated(no idea where they got that), but also still having 3 cars and trucks(so far) that are long gone…one, more than 8 years ago.
Another Issue…Cleared Up, for now…my “Rent”.
I don’t Own this House, in Town….Wife’s Uncle does…my “Rent” is paying his Taxes, and his Back Taxes…in order to pay the Back Taxes, my name is on the Tax Forms for this House…ergo, SSA, naturally, reckons that I am “Coowner”…and, thus, $20,000 richer than I said.(NOT)
It never ends.
Meanwhile, Joe Klein is on Morning Joe, saying that Disability is, essentially, the New Welfare…that “Regular Welfare” is down…but that folks who would be on that, are now “flocking” to Disability/SSI….and that “low level government functionaries” are simply letting everybody through.
I beg to Fucking Differ!
Mr Klein is regarded as a “Liberal”, by the Right.
I beg to differ with that, as well…
So, since Friday, the Bipolar(undiagnosed) is gone Haywire…
I go from Elation, which led to drunken psychosis, which led to Shame and Depression….and, now, since Monday, further Depths of Depression….and a sense of Sisyphean Despair
Add in the first “cold front” of Fall(down 6 degrees…it’s the Pressure Differential)…and I am in Hell…
Disability,proper, denied me for the Fourth Time…due to my lack of “Work Credits”, and my not being Disabled, under their, secret, definition of the word.
I had Credits, up until 2009…three years after I “Retired”.
Credits go away, after you stop working…so I have insufficient Credits, now, for Disability…because I quit working, because I was/am Disabled….
As for Not being Disabled(by whatever their Criteria is), I really, truly and honestly have no frigging Idea where that determination comes from.
Every Doctor including their own kept doctor, agrees…I’m all fucked up…which is the Medical Terminology for, ”Absolutely, without a Doubt, DISABLED”.
When the blonde one’s on Faux News(sic) blather on about the “Welfare State”, this election season…Remember Me.
When Willard, or Rick or Paul goes on and on about how easy it is to “game the system”, to defraud welfare…how the “welfare system” is rife with evil Welfare Queens, hanging from the Government Teat, living Large on HardWorking American’s Tax Dollars™…Remember Me.
When your Tea Party Uncle insists, over the Holidays, that the Kenyan Usurper is running us to ruin with his Welfare Handouts™….Remember Me.
It’s all Bullshit.
Shat by Kafka’s Ghost.

(my apologies, as well…to whomever I directed my directionless ire, bile and chagrin onto.I violate, to my Shame, most of my own Seven Things, whenever I fall into a beer bottle.Sorry.)

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