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Sunday, August 5, 2012

It Was Fun, But…

I coasted through..
As in an Ordeal…
I took the Maximum Allowed, of all my Pills…all Legally Prescribed…
And I just Skated through….
Plus Judicious Use of Magic Brownies.
Could not have done it,
at all,
but for the Drugs.
I Floated Along, and it was Good.
Fished with my Boys, and my Brother and Dad.
The boys, and Wife(!) , learned about Crabbing(weights, string, chicken necks, net)….
How fun it is.
I am Lobster, come for your Dead.
Boys, crestfallen, that they must stay close to shore, so that Momma can rest…Dada being too Broken to take them out any more.(“To the Deep End”, as Ben puts it….)
2 Hour waits, sans A/C, for the Ferry…surliest folks I’ve ever encountered….
Bought myself a Green, Batik, Sarong.
Ankle Length.
(for the Kilt Girls)
350 Miles!
& I’m “Detoxing”, tonight…from the Max Dose I’ve been on for the week.
Just Brownies, and Beer.
(Fear Not, I ain’t gonna get on FB, or call any body….
Let the Mountain come to Me.)

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