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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jane Goodall, on the Beach

((….Of course, my Inner Drunken Lunatic had other ideas….apologies to 3 of my favorite Humans, for my Reptilian Outburst.)
Slowly, slowly, back on the Regimen…this year, I can’t handle being entirely Drug Free, for more than 24 hours, or so(32).)

As for the less positive observations…
I could definitely live in Galveston…Freaks, Hippies,Weirdos…the Island has a long History of accommodation for the Socially Unacceptable.
Then there’s the Tourists(in Pre911 Restaurant Parlance;”Terrorists” )
I suspect that one can pick out the more Liberal Minded of the Beach Goers, from the likely unconscious choice of color scheme, as well as clichés regarding automobiles….invariably, the Kia’s and Prius’ were accompanied by Rainbow Flags and Giant Umbrellas….I guess it could be similar to “Gaydar”…lol.
These were in the Minority…and kept to themselves, music, only loud enough for them to hear….quick glances, looking out for Danger..
The Beach, come Friday, was Knee-Deep in Tea…Black, Red and White, Angular….and the obligatory,and omnipresent, Red White and Blue. You could smell the Testosterone….and Feel the Belligerence….Loud Music, Ostentatious…Prideful…
At the Edges, were the International Brotherhood of Serious Fishermen. I am a Member, as shown by the Surf Rods sticking out of my truck…and I kept running into the same 4 guys, talking about Fish, and their Presence or Absence .IBSF rises above mere Politics(2 of these fellows were likely Pseudo Nazis,lol)….a glimpse of a Better World, where our Commonalities matter more than our differences.
If these field observations of Demographics is scalable to Texas, in General…then we are, indeed, Lost.
By Thursday, mid-day, when the Throngs began streaming in, the Vibe was unmistakably Hostile.
A strange feature of Tea…of the Right, in General…is that they seem to be unaware of their own Hatred and Fear and Hostility….it is Normal, unremarkable…Part and Parcel of Who They Are.
This is the most depressing Observation….and is born out in the literature…in my long study of the Mind of the Right.
It is what Dooms the remnant left to obscurity. Reason cannot Penetrate the numerous Falsehoods, Dichotomies, the Inconsistencies. If the Beach is, indeed, a Representative Sample of Texas, then we are Doomed.
Despite the Collapse of the Republican Party…we are Ripe for Fascism…..the Mindlessness, the Burning…the Essential Nihilism….
So much for Progress.

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