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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm up at 4 AM, as usual...some kind of family curse. My Mom has it, my Grandma had oldest Son has the beginnings of it.
Doesn't matter what I do, how late I stay up(rarely past 10 PM)...I wake at 4.
Sometimes earlier,very rarely later.
I have accepted's better than 1:30.
There are benefits.
I have constructed a place to hang out, in the back yard, with this earliest of rising in mind.
Porch, fences, plantings and the placement of the Smithy, and other outbuildings to afford maximum privacy...
I prefer Nakedness...which is problamatic in Town.
The Cowboy Pool has been moved up close...skinny dipping at 4:30, by torchlight, or starlight....
Wake and Bake....(smoke a joint) and cigarettes...
This is My Time...the Familia is asleep.(Eldest is inconsistant with his manifestation of the Curse, as yet)
I headlight...or write....or just sit, and listen to the dogs, cows...a donkey, somewhere to the east....
My ducks wake up at 4:30, rooster at 5:30, geese around 6:30...unless I venture out there and disturb them.
This is when I can Think.
The construction of Infrastructure is proceeding apace, consistent with the Vision I had during the first month or two here.
I Visualise it's continuance.
Of late, thanks to Facebook, and the resultant finding of me, I think about my Life...remember.
MAS is on my mind, this morning...I am to meet up with her in Dallas in a few weeks.
Lots of forgotten emotions,there.
Forgotten experiences.
Pain, heartbreak...and good times.
Now, with 20 years since I last saw her, I realise that I loved her.
Terribly and unrequitedly..
We were the best of friends, true...we shared all manner of deep, dark things...
But I always wanted more.
I was putty in her my later regret.
Should be an interesting trip to Dallas.

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