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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A letter to a Reckless Cowboy.

Dear Governor Good Hair,
I noticed on yor little website (that we are paying for) that you are at War with the EPA.
Seems yor' rhetoric has blinded you to the reality.
Your site says:"Gov. Rick Perry today was joined by local government and business leaders to decry

Washington's latest attempt to extend federal control over the state's authority, an action that would undermine

Texas’ successful clean air programs and cost the state thousands of jobs. Last week, the Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) announced its efforts to take over Texas’ federally delegated, successful Title V

permitting program and replace it with a less effective Washington-based, bureaucratic led, command and

control mandate. "
This is ludicrous, on many levels.
One, where is your evidence for the claim that Texas' Environmental Programs are working?
Have you ever been to Houston?
I see that you were in Deer Park when you announced this....did you not notice the smell?
Did you not see the plumes all over that whole area from the refineries and chemical plants?
Here, in the Reality Based Community, it is well known that Texas lags behind everybody else in Air Quality,

and most of the other Environmental things.
Your Pro Corporate Extremism is showing....might want to look to that.
Second, do you really, really think that what the Mullahs Don and Cynthia (SBOE) have been up to is good for

We already fall far behind the rest of the country in Education....we are already a laughing stock.
I guess since "everything's bigger in Texas", we should be the biggest idiots, as well?
Third, I see that you're having knee surgery....must be nice.
Who's paying for it? Us taxpayers, or do you have some Caddilac Plan from whenever it was you last had a

(non-government) job?
I am among the 5 million, or so, Texans who cannot get adequate healthcare. Is your contempt for us so great ?
Are Po Folks insufficiently American?
I saw that you are refusing to have a High Risk Insurance Pool, for folks like me that the Industry has left out in

the cold.
How is such refusal good for Texas?
Who's side are you on?!
Is the money that good from your Corporate Buddies?
On your site, regarding healthcare..."The availability of affordable, quality medical care is important to all

Texans. Governor Perry has led efforts to keep doctors and other health care professionals in the exam room

instead of in the courtroom fighting frivolous lawsuits. He has also promoted reforms to the small employer

health insurance market, and conveyed a vision for reducing the number of uninsured Texans by restructuring

federal Medicaid funding to gain flexibility and optimize investments in health care. This reduces reliance on

expensive emergency room visits for non-emergent care, and makes it easier for the working poor to buy into

employer-sponsored health coverage. "
"Frivolous Lawsuits" are NOT the damned problem!
Hyperinflation and the resulting lack of access IS!
That whole paragraph is nothing but you channelling Karl Rove.
Get out of your Mansion...visit your people....and not just your filthy rich buddies.
It'll cost upwards of $100,000 to fix me so I can work again.
Insurance won't touch me.Your Medicaid System won't take me (my wife makes more than $230 per month)
The Federal Disability/SSI won't touch me, I'm told, because I "can be fixed" (!?)
I could go on and on, but I'm hurting, and I can't sit up any more tonight....and I doubt this will have any

impact, anyway.
Enjoy your surgery.
I'll be wishing 1/16th of the pain I feel every day....on you.

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