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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Letter to "My" Congresscritter...

I just came across this:

...regarding Raw Milk.I've heard of this before, and while I'm not involved in the buying or selling of Raw Milk, I certainly understand the concerns of the folks who are.
I grow as much of my own food as I can manage.
This is due to economics, as well as a certain distrust of Big Ag.I have been involved in Organic Farming since before there was a name for it...and I was a Chef for many years. I have learned a lot about food, in my time, from farm to plate.
In reading the FDA's response to these folks, I am concerned about the agency's assertions that I have no right to contract, that I have no fundamental right to my own health and it's maintenance, and that I have no right to eat what I want.
For all the hollering, of late, about Big Government, one would think that Republicans would be all over this.
It is my learned opinion that this case is NOT about the health of the citizenry, or the healthfulness (or lack thereof) of Raw Milk...this is obviously Big Ag, specifically Big Milk, using the Government to stamp out competition(which is one of the hallmarks of that Free Market we hear so much about).
The same thing happened with the usurpation of the Organic Movement by Big Ag.
The Implications of this argument, by the FDA, are worrisome. They would make criminals of every Backyard Gardener, every Homesteader, every Small Farmer.
...and all for the benefit of Big Ag.
I ran into the same type of BS when I attempted to sell my eggs...sell my surplus veggies...even have my goats butchered, for my own consumption.
The Regulations on such things are needlessly burdensome on the little guys, and to the benefit of large Agribusiness.
Please look into it.
I know you have Agribusinesses among your constituency...Big Ag. The recent Supreme Court Ruling notwithstanding, the backyard gardeners, Homesteaders and anyone who wants to provide for their own sustenance are among your constituency, as well.
If the efforts of Big Ag succeed, they will have control of our food supply....and we will all be beholden to Corporations for the most basic Human Needs.
I will gladly be a criminal to stand in the way of such a usurpation.
Thanks, Josef D. Pinter.
Mason, Texas

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