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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ProLife Terrorism

What a bunch of nut-jobs! I guess she's on the hit-list, too? Doesn't figure into their "calculations" that she appears to be prohealth.
As was Dr. Tiller, whom their Fellow Traveller so brutally murdered this week.
I find several things wgong, here.
First, aren't we supposed to be having a "War On Terror"? Doesn't this fit the bill? Or is this somehow exempt because the psycho was a "Christian", and attached to the same Right Wing Nut-job movement that brought us the War On Terror, in the first place?
Seems to me that by the Right's own definitions, this guy (the triggerman, NOT the dead Doctor) should be on his way to Gitmo, or a Black Site, or something.
I guess White Christian Terrorists get a trial...and all their rights, intact.

Second, How is the obvious baiting and encouragement perpetrated by Fox, et alia , somehow not responsible for a piece of this?
I mean, look around Operation Rescue's site. Look around some of the others that call themselves "Pro-Life". Hatred, fear and loathing.
Sometimes, the veil of "restraint" falls away, and they are found to be actually encouraging such acts.

Lastly....the idea that these folks call themselves "Pro-Life", in the fist place, and with all seriousness.
Same bunch that advocates starting Nuclear Armageddon.
Same bunch that advocated preemptive warfare.
Same bunch perennially on the side of the death penalty...even to the point of calling for vigilante firing squads and lynchings.

And I have always wondered at the inconsistancy of these people....all hail the Fetus! But as soon as they're past the labia, they're on their own!
I don't see 'em advocating for CHIPs, or Food Stamps,or universal Day Care....let alone education.
Not a word is said about Military Recruiters in schools.
Seems a mite hypocritical, to me.

And what about abortion?
I've known, and helped, several women in my time make this terrible decision...then act on it.
Not once was it considered a "choice".
Girls don't sit around, bored, on Friday night...and say," Hey, I know! Why don't we all go get abortions?!!It's the cool thing to do!"
It's a choice, yes...but not a choice that's made lightly.
And those who push this mythology, do a great disservice to women by coloring this choice as a casual one.

And! If we all want less abortion...(and I think we all do)...whay can we not have real, honest sex education?Condoms galore?Birth controll widely available?
And a morning After Pill, w/out all the damned stigma?
Fundies want it all their way.
There can be no compromise, I guess...
Even though their stupid "Abstinance Only" is a misrable failure...totally unconnected from reality....and totally disregarding the perfectly natural "biological imperative" that ultimately drives sexual conduct.....for them, there is no alternative.

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