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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Intelligence' and a Free Country

On “Intelligence”…the CIA and a Free Country

One portion of the “Machine that I think needs to be done away with is the so-called “Intelligence” apparatus.
All that secrecy and “classification”…just has no place in a free country….and is , in fact, inimical to a truly free society.

Our country was founded on openness and honesty and truth…not lies and deception.. The latter are products of fearful men.
Fearful of what the other guy is doing, fearful that they might not measure up, afraid that when the shit hit the fan, they won’t really have what it takes to make the grade.
These feelings are projected onto the institutions that these fearful men make.

Sure, there have been spies since there have been polities.
But we were supposed to be different…a break from the past.
That’s like arguing for the need for a King….we broke with all that, at our Founding.

The “Intelligence” apparatus, hereafter lumped under the term:”CIA”…(I don’t care if it’s not entirely accurate.) The CIA hasn’t made us any safer, in my opinion.
They missed 9-11….or helped make it possible.
They fucked up Iran, in ’53…leading directly to all the bullshit w/ that country since.
They got the whole USSR thing horribly wrong.
Turns out they weren’t as big of an existential threat as they had been telling us.
All the coups and assassinations and assorted meddling in countless other countries, throughout the world has made us hated, distrusted and feared.
The downright Evil shit, like torture, blacksites, MKUltra , “experiments” where they gave LSD to unsuspecting folks to see what they would do…
On and on and on….
And this is just stuff from the public record.
Nobody knows the extent of their activities…it’s all below board…black.
I’ve read that they invented Crack Cocaine.
It’s interesting that everywhere the Military/Intelligence portion of the machine sets up shop turns into a Poppy/Coca Farm, or a shipping route.
All of this shit, I submit, does more harm than good.
It doesn’t belong in a Free Country.
We should be above board…open in our dealings with the world, and especially the dealings of “OUR” government with the American People.

The only arguments I’ve heard to “justify” these critters, when I bring it up, are purely based on Fear.
Fear that we won’t measure up.
Fear that without playing dirty, we’ll lose.
And Fear that if the Truth of all these shenanigans ever comes to light, many heads will roll.

I say “Fuck That”.
We’re supposed to be the Home of the Brave.
We call ourselves the beacon of light in the world, etc etc…
We should live those Ideals.
We should strive to make the world a better place, even if it hurts…because that’s what a Good and Just and Idealistic Nation would do.

Open ALL the books.
Air out all the secrets.
What are “they” afraid of?
What are they hiding?

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