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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Conspiracy" as a Slur

"Conspiracy"...from Latin..."Breathing together"

A NutJob commits an act of Terrorism, and everyone rightly condemns him, and his actions.
Problem I have, is the use of the word "conspiracy" as code for "not swallowing the conventional wisdom". I apply reason to events and trends, and see massive problems with conventional wisdom. From 9-11, to Israel's(not Jew's) actions in Gaza.
If we can't question the CW, we might as well resign ourselves to an Orwellian world.
Even the most heinous NutJob may have some small grain of Truth, buried in their craziness....but we will never dig it out if we must adhere to Politically Correct wholesale condemnation.
This guy had a problem with "banks" do I. But he linked the problem with banks, especially the Federal Reserve with real antisemitism and various, disproven ideas about the shape of the world.(ie:Protocols)
In the media frenzy that follows, anyone who has problems with the Fed, and/or Israeli policy in the Middle East is lumped in with ALL of this guy's ideology.
False connections. Question the fed/Israel/etc = hate Jews.
This is dishonest.
It's part of the larger problem of Fear in this country...
We fear standing up and calling "Bullshit!" when there are obvious inconsitancies and omissions in the CW.
The Israel thing is one of the most pervasive.The Eleventh Commandment seems to be "Thou shalt not criticise Israel"...and that's just wrong.
This dude didn't help in ending this prohibition on criticism at all...he handed a great coup to those who want it to continue.
I'm rambling...I'm tired...I'm hurting.
I'll stop.
"Fear not the Path of Truth;Fear the lack of people walking on it"-RFK

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