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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GOP's Healthcare "alternative"

GOP’s health “solution”

So I’ve been surfing the news channels this AM, as is my wont.
Caught part of Rep. Camp (I think) on a few…and most of his exposition on CSPAN’s Washington Journal.
Mr. Camp seems like a nice man…but what he presented was no solution at all.
The only actual policy I heard out of him was a proposal to include college students in their parent’s insurance for a longer time than is now currently done.
Everything else was either platitude or raggin’ on Ted Kennedy and the Prez.
Using the words “Obviously” and “Clearly” a whole lot does not constitute an “alternative “ Plan.

The GOP’s fears regarding single-payer/universal/”government run” – healthcare seems to revolve around how bad it would be for Corporate interests….although they will never be honest enough to just come out and say that.
The Party Line is:(my response is in parenthesis):
1 Any Government “solution” would “cause” a “Two-Tiered” system to evolve…in which the rich would flee the country for their health needs, leaving the poor to languish in long lines.
(This is already the case, of course…except that the rich can stay home while the poor (and other non-rich) are left with lines at the ER or no healthcare at all.)
2 Medicare” ain’t free”-ergo Medicare for everybody would be terrible.
(Strawman! (Where’s my lighter?)…Medicare is expensive, by this dude’s own example, due to stupidity rammed through by the bush II administration.)

3 The Poor, Poor Insurance Companies! Why, they would be at a disadvantage!
They couldn’t compete w/ the “Socialised Menace”! The People would flock to Socialism!
(This is an unintentional argument FOR “Socialised” medicine. The current system is so bad, that almost anything is better…and if given an alternative to For Profit Health, folks would vote with their feet and abandon it.)

Meanwhile, while we’re arguing inanities w/ GOPers, I’m in a wheelchair, today.
Managed to be a blacksmith for 2 hours, yesterday…then feed and put up all the critters…and I’ll pay for it, today.

Can’t wait to read the GOP’s “Plan”.

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