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Friday, January 8, 2016


So this happened

a defender of the federal bird sanctuary under his Freedom Tarp.
(made in China, of course)
The thing that gets me about these folks is that they are unwittingly supporting the very forces that have ruined the country...while railing against their fellow victims, and against a bureaucracy that, while well intentioned, is sometimes myopic and stupid in their enforcement activities.
If they “win”, these sage brush yokels, and all that federal land is handed to the states, and/or sold off, it will spell the end of Wilderness...and that beautiful country will become a wasteland.
And they, themselves, will not benefit from it.
It's sad...and so many things, today.
Misplacing their ire, and ignorantly staking out such a place for their Thermopylae fantasies...
I hear the ghost of Hobbes, whispering in the wind:”Bellum omnium contra omnes “.

There are many such groups, and near-movements, scattered in the backwaters and podunk enclaves.
There are neoconfederates right here...proudly flying their confederate flags, and unashamedly pontificating about the evil fedgov and it's army of poor black people and “illegals”, ready for the balloon to go up, so they can subjugate all these “real amercuns”, and march them into camps.
This is the result of the confusion and mud-in-the-water of our collective mind, and the anti-intellectual policies and trends that have so dumbed down the people...or at least a substantial portion of them.
Economics plays a large role, as takes more than one job to get by, so folks are scrambling and have no time for Thought...the simple explanation fills the gap, helpfully provided by the Great Wurlitzer...
It is the Year One...there is no History, instead a smattering of myths...there is no ideology, rather a half-baked conglomeration of contradictory aphorisms that pretend to salience.
Does the world, seen through Tarpman's eyes, even resemble the world you see when you look out your window?

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