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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On Bill Clinton, Trade and Instrumentality

Billary didn't invent “Globalisation”....

"Globalisation" is a useful euphemism whereby Immortal Fictions escaped the fences we had placed around them, and became Supranational.
This was merely one more step, albeit a large one, in a long line of such steps...Nixon in China...the entire Cold War/Mideast Policy...interrupted, for a while, by FDR's collection of gnawed bones thrown to the hoi polloi to stave off becoming food, himself.
...on and on.
It has little to do with “capitalism” as envisioned by Smith, or even Marx.
It has even less to do with the “capitalism” defended so vigorously by all and sundry....those defenders are analogous to priests of Baal, alone on their hill tops...their deity having been replaced by another, more sophisticated ghost.
We the People are mere instrumentalities in this regime...truly Cogs in a great Machine...
What Clinton did was tear down an already decrepit fence...full of holes and made of rusty barbed wire.
“Free Trade” is Global Government for the 1% and the Paper Entities they hide in...again, to avoid becoming food.
Notice, that at the same time as they have constructed the WTO, et alia, they have ramped up the Borders we must navigate....this is instructive: “illegal Immigration” is a hot topic...can't have the Little People being free to move about the world, chasing the money....such freedom is only for the Aristocracy.
The Post War Boom was enabled by the destruction of the Physical Plant of Europe and Asia; the Clinton Era Boom was fueled by euphemism and a sort of Find the Queen/Pea game of Promises and Belief.
The Hidden Aristocracy moved the bulk of our Physical Plant to Bangladesh, and the like..chasing lower wages, and fewer rules.
Labor Arbitrage, sold to us as the Path to Prosperity.
We were stupid to allow it...even cheer it on....
In the time , since, I note, the Prisons have filled, and we've even privatised them...somewhere to put our Surplus Population, now essentially useless.
Of course, if we were interested in anything but “Efficiency”, we could have kept some of the Means of Production...but, again, it's Instrumentality that rules the day...Profit is all that matters, even when the digital version of printed pieces of rag-paper are objectively worthless.
Nietzsche worried what we would replace God with, after we had killed him.
Perhaps we have replaced him with Economics and our Organisations....

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