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Monday, January 11, 2016


Visions of Teabilly revolutionaries, with that vacant but angry visage, gnawing on a human index finger...fat dripping in their three day old shadowbeard:

The Grand Coalition...Reagan's Three Legged no more.
Didn't I warn them that the Tea Party was a bad idea?

That the rhetoric and vituperate rage that it engendered would eventually turn around to bite them?
Rough Beast....
When even Paul Ryan is a RINO...I can see the future, and it is filled with blood and fire.

the Dems have their own problems a brewing:

Look at the comments....calls for beheading DWS and worse(!)...identical inchoate rage to that found on Tea Fora.
At least here the Ugly is interspersed with intelligent discourse, eyes remarkably free from the usual scales and blinders. But there are no real solutions offered by the Intelligent Libs...there are no solutions...not even Bernie...which is pretty damned clear=eyed for politically engaged Americans.
The bloom is off the rose, and the rose is now crushed into the icy mud.
Dystopia is all we can reasonably hope for...a precipitate decline in standards, a continuing fall in hopes and dreams...where even the Ideal that we work towards is Less....

And, as Synthesis(a la Hegel), a sublime, near Kerouacian exegesis:

Aunt Hannah said, in some thousands of words, that Evil is Banal...ordinary.
One could say, boring....
The homogenaeity of the parts of America I have been to in my adulthood speaks to this.
There are many things that we could do, of put off...even avoid what looks like our fate.
But those things require understanding and trust...two things that are noticeably missing from the body politic.
They also require work and sacrifice...which, while given a whole lot of lip service...are anathema.
The defining feature of Neoliberalism is “MEMEMEME”...the idea that I am an Island Nation in my own right...and fuck everybody else.
Mr Marche's offering points to the end result of this universal selfishness: Politics is over.
We are each alone.

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