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Monday, November 25, 2013

To my (relatively) Sane Senator


The song that plays in my mind, as I think about your little tweet...and your record over the last few years:
You know as well as I do, that you are not a real Tea Person.
You also know that around 90% of the shit those folks scream about is divorced from Reality.
I understand the fear you guys must feel, now that your Rough Beast has turned on you...they were, after all, intended to come after us, on the other side.
But it doesn't matter, least for you...but it does present you with an opportunity.
There's almost no chance that you can win a Primary challenge.
The Tea Beast hates you.
But this has the effect of Freeing you from having to pander to their can, instead, come out as the Elder Statesman, and repudiate those radical nihilists....expose them for what they are.
This is your chance to redeem yourself, and maybe even save the GOP from Whigdom.
Hyperpartisan nonsense like this:
Will not endear you to historians.
Understand that there is very little that you and I have ever agreed on...I'm a Liberal Libertarian(of all things,lol)...and have voted against you at every opportunity.
But what your Creatures in Tricorns are set to give us, is a one party state for the next 20 or so almost exclusively by Democrats.
Even I don't think that such an eventuality is necessarily good for the country, long term; short term, it's likely the GOP can lick it's wounds, and hopefully do a little soul searching, and maybe get better acquainted with the Realities of life in the USA, circa 2013.
You can help to begin that process of moving the GOP into the Present.
Help lead them away from the politics of hate and belligerence and obstruction...away from all the lies and mythology...and towards being a viable Opposition Party, again.
Y'all are at your best in that role.
Please help your Party grow up, and leave the Petty and Vile behind.
and , as always, I'm always ready to talk.

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