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Monday, November 18, 2013

Random Thoughts on today's news.

News Roundup
(as I Retake the Library...still in shambles...and kill 4 hours waiting on the flea bombs to do their business...)

So a Socialist wins a city council race in Seattle(where you can smoke weed), and another Socialist(specifically, a Social Democrat), who has been a US Senator for years, is now thinking about running for President.
Perhaps we can finally abandon the knee jerk hysteria and total confusion of tongues around various economic philosophies that are not hypercapitalist,neofeudalist, hate-the-poor Randian nightmares...imagine that!
The entire 100 year campaign of Mindfuck was never really about socialism, or communism, or Marx and those who have come after him...similarly, it has never been about Free Markets and Entrepreneurial-ism.
It's been about the American Aristocracy keeping it's power and privilege, while pretending to not order to avoid an actual debate.

Yet another reason why Hyper-Secrecy and Democratic Republican do not go together.

The Drug War may be ending....ever so slowly...
The War on Alternative Lifestyles may be ending...ever so slowly...
The War on Alternative Thought on Economic Issues may be thawing...
We're opening up to Iran,lol...
But the Mindfuck will likely continue....just in new forms.
The Aristocracy won't let go the reins, anytime soon....and certainly not without a very large fight.
But things are changing....and all of a sudden-like.
The Violent Parasitical Elite will need a new herd of go-to guys....since the GOPTea has so clearly lost their minds, and could almost say that they jumped the shark...I predict a Blue Dog Party forming in the next few years.
Occupy...Social Media...many “Secrets Revealed”...just like the Web Bots predicted,lol.
A new Pope who seems hell bent to shake up things in that quarter....a weakening, aging, and corrupting of what we think of as the Religious Right...
The near Collapse of Reagan's Revolution, along with all of it's Social Meddling and Economic Mythology...
These are historic times.
There's not much Hope...but there is Hope.
Hold fast.

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