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Friday, November 22, 2013

Demolition vs. Construction

First, there's this:

All of this utter Bullshit...90% Fact-Free....and that 10% is questionable.
Repulicans, and their vicious pets, are in the minority...both in Congress, as well as in the general population...and yet they are , somehow,
still  running things.
Rather, they are making sure that nothing runs.
The President's signature health care law...which is virtually identical to the Heritage Plan, from 1989(1)(2) potentially doomed to failure....not because it's bad...not because the American People have rejected it...but because the GOP Noise Machine is so damned effective at peddling it's pernicious mythology.
The same is true for almost everything else of consequence that Democrats have attempted, since winning the White House, and the Senate.
Remember, too, that the GOP only holds the House due to Gerrymandering and Corruption.
Why do they still get to decide everything?

William F. Buckley said,
A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it. “

This Raison d'ĂȘtre has now gone way past the point of Absurdity...
Now, “Conservative” just means “Asshole”...
Since the mid 70's, the whole “conservative” world-view has been unchallengeable...not because it could not be reasonably challenged...but because the rest of us have not had the courage to step up...and this is due, in large part, to the Ad Hominem that is so Foundational to the Right.
“Soft Headed Liberal...”
“...the Liberal love-affair with Stalin...”
“Big Government Liberal”
“Big Spending Liberal”
….and the especially evil equivalency of Liberalism with State Communism.
Turns out that the Right didn't have a clue about anything, at all.
They were Stupid, then...and they are Stupid, now.
“Trickle Down”.
“Just Say No”
“You're either with us, or with the terrists...”
“Welfare Queens”(3)
It's just Stupid that so many otherwise sane people have fallen for this whole way of seeing the world...

If I had a better body, and a little gas money, I'd head on down to the big Pink Granite Dome, and set up shop.
Prop a burned up ladder against the wall outside of Rickfuckingperry's Office door...hang a surgical glove filled with a “yellow liquid” ...poke a pin-hole in the fingers...and sit underneath the stream, eating catfood.
Perhaps offering my bad foot up for a snack...”hereyago, ya fucking cannibals...”.(4)
What it comes down to, is who we believe is “an American”.
What's the criteria for being a member of “The American People”?
Goptea invoke “The People” all the time...but I don't think they mean what we think they mean.
“By their Fruits” their actions, these 3 seems that the “American People”, when wafting from a Republican pie-hole, means: Rich Folks and Nutters.
Not Black and Brown for the few anomalies who get paraded out, sometimes.
Not Womyn, save for the tiny few who represent an infinitismal minority of the Stronger Sex...and who also get trotted out when needed.
Certainly not those Pinko-Commie Libtards.
Do I go too far?lol
Oh, well.
Recently, a friend of a friend took exception to a comment on FB...specifically, the use of the word “Teabaggers”, to describe the Neofascist Gang of Vandals and Hillbllies(Remember, Reagan closed a bunch of mental hospitals in the 80's...just sayin'...)
I, in my turn, took exception to this dude's feigned total ignorance of recent history:

“ I reckon I have just as much of a First Amendment Right as anyone to show my utter contempt for such a movement.
After all, it has been perfectly acceptable to call me everything from Commie to Libtard for most of my adult life.
I do think "Teabagger" is a little much...after all, many folks like balls. I prefer "Teabilly", myself...or "Nihilists"...”

To which my interlocutor replied:
Where do liberals get off acting like you're so much better than a group of people because you don't like their political ideas? You trash conservatives for believing in God, but then you act like you think you're a supreme being yourself.

"Oh, you poor neanderthal - how could you possibly think that?" Good grief, people. There is no objective truth to these political questions; there are only political goals and ideas about how best to get there.

I'm a conservative and I supported the stated goals of the Republicans in the House during the shutdown (i.e. delay or defund Obamacare). I'm also a 17-year veteran of the Armed Forces with combat duty under my belt, I give 10% of my income to charity, I do 4-6 hours of volunteer service a week, and I'm giving up a lot of privileges that my peers have to raise five kids. How about you spew some of your venom toward me? How about you throw some of that BS my way?

For Pete's sake, libs: stop demonizing people whose political beliefs you don't agree with. It doesn't help the process at all and it makes you look shallow and petty (and especially when you're being such poor winners).

I mean, seriously... if polar opposites like Bill Ayers and Andrew Breitbart could get together and have dinner and be civil to each other, can't we muster at least a little more civility between our two sides?”

My God!
This....(”For Pete's sake, libs: stop demonizing people whose political beliefs you don't agree with. It doesn't help the process at all and it makes you look shallow and petty (and especially when you're being such poor winners).”)
….just blew me away!
I spent the next hour excoriating this Turnip, so recently dislodged from the truck.
Me, again:
damn, dude...where have you been for the last 35 years?
"Stop demonizing people whose political beliefs you don't agree with"?!
"Poor winners"?
out here in the actual world, it's been exactly like that for Libtards like me.
So excuse me if I tire of avoiding "conservatives" overlarge toes on this one.
"conservatives"...and especially the Tea People...lecturing us about Civility?”

So what you're saying, Josef, is that we should continue to demonize each other because liberals and conservatives have continually demonized each other in the past? Yeah, that makes a LOT of sense. Sounds like a great way to get stuff done that would benefit the American people.”

(Pay attention)
no, that's not what I'm saying at all.
I'm saying y'all must take your medicine, now.
This is what Righteous Indignation looks like.
The Reagan Revolution has featured demonisation of all things "Liberal" from the get go...a demonisation that often had real effects, on real people, in the real world.
From the pernicious "Welfare Queen" Mythos, to the whole "Liberal/Democrat=Commie=Stalin-lover=soft-headed=hates America" BS Mantra...any reciprocal Demonisation you all receive is just that ...Reciprocal.
I have been nice...and even respectful...wandering into Righty Fora, and asking simple questions about the policies and stances y'all have promoted. Every time, it was as if I had shat in church.
The bile and vituperous assholery visited on Liberals...again...for my whole inexcusable.
So, yeah.
After this temporary spanking, today...I feel perfectly justified in Mocking the entire "conservative" experiment.
What I am not doing, I'll note, is calling for anyone's death, dismemberment or deportation...which is the sort of shit I, and folks like me, have put up with these long years.”

I have since encountered this same “Argument”, or “Talking Point”, in lots of places. This “Liberals are so mean”-Meme will probably be heard around many Thanksgiving Dinner-Tables, next week.
Here the Anti-Yurtle, with a fine interpretation of this theme:

In attempting to explain,, when our Boys eavesdrop on our discussions about politics, the Wife and I hit upon the idea of impersonating Teabillies for a day...a hour?! We couldn't do it. It was just too disgusting. I can make a dead-pan sarcastic remark, or two, while channeling one of the more egregious Teabags...but to maintain a facetious facade of fuckwittery for more than five minutes is simply too painful, to me. I can explain their arguments...I can place them in many contexts...I think that I'm uniquely placed to elucidate just where these people are coming from. I really do understand,lol. But what gets me angry is the total denial of objective it climatological, human physiological (“Good Rape”?) or the ubiquitous video evidence of recent political events.(“Yes, he really said that...”)
“We will stand strong in our ignorance!!” How does one “Compromise” with such people? The “Party of Responsibility” refuses to take responsibility for it's own actions, and it's own rhetoric...over decades...and we're supposed to feel bad when they get punched in the face, at long last?
Liberal Weaklings”, indeed.
I've finally finished removing all of the boxes of books and museum pieces, into storage out at Mom's. I'm left with the woodstove, the 1930's couch/bed, and my maternal grandad's big ole' Godfather desk. Finished one wall(with the parts of the big middle shelf), and sprayed that expanding foam crap along the inevitable seams along the perimeter(I never alleged that I was a carpenter). Not anywhere near a Groove, yet... But I'm iced in, for this week...cold and bored...
and playing with embedding video clips and pictures...(I try real hard to give attribution) I'm also perennially pissed at the pusillanimous preschoolers in the piss-on-us party, performing plaintive pleas for peace...after pummeling us,perpetually.
  1. I would, of course, be arrested instantly...probably held for psych-eval...even though such activities are Protected Speech...which perfectly makes my point about Castes, and degrees of Real-American-hood.

Keep yelling “Stop!”.

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