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Friday, May 24, 2013


When I was in the last half of High School,
Sometimes I'd come home all fucked up.
Dad slept rather soundly, so it was ok.
Late at night, grubbing for some microwaveable vittles...the only thing on TV...worth watching, at least...was this guy:God's Angry Man

Dr. gene Scott.
I wasn't all that interested in least at a spiritual level. ..I was a Scholar of Religion, even then....detached ...Clinical.
Dr. Scott read Greek...on TV.
And Aramaic.
Then he'd break for the Horse Races...
Now, the Bikini Girls...
And droning on and on...and at times, getting real excited about something, or other.
Usually something completely Esoteric.
I loved that Dude.
Now, come to find out , that his Sexy Widow has taken over the store...(she was, apparently, one of the Bikini Girls, before she was his wife...that's how Dr. Scott rolled,lol)
The video of Dr. Scott and his corncob pipe and strange headgear...not to even speak of his Wonderfully Weird take on Xianity...
None of it seems to be available, online.

I was sad to learn this...not because I believe in Dr Scott's 'Message', but because the world needs such Iconoclasty...Such Unwaveringly Strange and Creative Individuals...Bull Headed and Wild.
It appears to me that there is a Shortage of these people.
And Humanity is lessened by that lack.

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