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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two Down

Here we are.
Hip...fixed...although it still hurts.
Nothing like before.
I cannot sit for too long(feels like sitting on a spring in the the chair, but from inside)....still, much improved.
Backwards Poking Eyelashes....fixed.
Took all of 10 minutes,the Doc. Burning them away, at the roots, with a tiny radio-wave gun.Smell of burning hair, and done...a week more of a scab, and I can see.

Went for a follow-up with the hip guy....x-rayed my left knee(the better one, already did my right)...Chondromalacia(= arthritis).
And also my left ankle(=gravel pit,no cartilage, “loose bodies”) I get to go to their Ankle Guy, in 2 weeks, is to be hoped...get the ball rolling on Fusing the whole joint; essentially, breaking everything between the bottom of my leg bones, to the middle of my foot, and inducing it to grow all together.
I'm told I'll still be able to wiggle my toes.

In addition, Hip Guy listened to my tale of woe, regarding all of the rest of me(especially Back...but arms,too)...about how I feel when I first wake, like I'm under a pile of rocks...or have been hauling hay, fighting in a bar, or been run over.(ya get the idea)
There's also what appear to be Myoclonic Jerks, and something like “Restless Leg”, in my arms, too.
There's no good reason for all of this,as yet.
Wear and Tear only goes so far.
So my Regular Doc had suggested a Rheumatologist.
None that I have found(around 40 on Medicaid's List) take Medicaid.
So the Hip Guy sends me for that maybe the Rheumatologist in his Gaggle of Bone Doctors will see fit to take me.
I am torn and frightened by this.
If the tests come back positive for some ailment that falls under Rheumatologist's means that I'm screwed...all of that stuff is incurable...and mostly untreatable.
If Negative, it means that it is still Unknown just what's wrong with me.
After much research, over the years, I lean towards Issues don't really fit all the rest of the possibilities...RA, etc....
But who knows?
While it would be nice, on a certain level, to have a name for what I have a Diagnosis...Fibro, like all the rest of the strange zoo of rheumatology, is a life sentence for Pain and Suffering.
They'll want me to try Cymbalta and Lyrica, again...prolly give me samples from the Hot Drug Pushers storming their Offices, every day.
I also expect to be led through the whole menagerie of NSAIDS, again...

If it all works, perfectly...if I can be Repaired...I have years of effort ahead of me, to get back muscle mass and endurance, and all the things one loses, when one has been through what I've been through...Seven Years of suffering.

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