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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Secular Humanist Monastery of Amfortas the Hippie


…send me off, looking for alternatives…which leads me to this: (

At the very Root of the Political/Philosophical Crises we find in the USA, today…is Fundamentalism…overwhelmingly of the “Christian” Variety. The Certainty I go on and on about, that is the Enemy of Thought.

I ran into a Guy, wearing a shirt that said, “Christian Democrats:taking Jesus at His Word”.

I told him I supported such things, wholeheartedly…with certain, I believe(lol) Reasonable, Caveats. We got to talking…and when it came to the point where I held forth on my own Religious Outlook(Agnostic Mysticism/Pantheism…like Sagan meets Huxley), he began to get nervous…said we “had better leave this subject”…

My loyal and faithful Readers should be familiar with my Goose Doctrine.(I don’t care if you worship my Geese, so long as you don’t try to force me to…and don’t unduly annoy my Geese)

I have studied Religion for most of my life….I found J. Campbell’s volume 4 of the Masks of God on the table at home when I was in my early teens….Zarathustra, before that…(ave rara)

I can quote scripture and verse with the best of them…from several world religions…Campbell’s Canon, Weston’s “Ritual…” and Huxley’s “Perennial Philosophy” are what I count as my own “Holy” Books.

Ergo, “Mystic Agnostic”…with a sprinkling of “Pantheist”(”God” being Manifest in every drop of dew…see the Vedas.)

I reckon that what is outside of our Bubble of Understanding is what we label, “God”…that Bubble is ever expanding, and I have yet to see evidence, let alone Need, for a Personal God Figure to explain any of it.There is much that we do not know…and I find myself almost alone in being OK with that. The Wonder and Awe of the Universe, and of every little Niche in our own Biosphere, is sufficient, unto itself. I’m OK with having further Frontiers of Understanding to wander in.

I have met a Ghost…plug that into my Framework. I don’t require that it fits, perfectly…
I have taken Mushrooms, and had Visions and Epiphanies…and I don’t feel that they were in any way Lessened by being “Drug Induced”…or without them having a Context in Revealed Religion…I simply find “God”, as commonly thought of, Unnecessary.

I think that it is entirely Possible to be “Good, without God”…and that, in fact, despite my historically frequent drunken insanity, I have a better track record, on this card, than most of the God Squad that I have encountered.

I am a Secular Humanist….and find that Manifesto to be a wonderful document, and sentiment…and wholly consistent with my overall Philosophy, as well as my Mystic Tendencies.

Having studied Religion for 30 years, or so…I find the History of Religions to be Indictment enough…Especially the History of the Big 3 Monotheistic, Abrahamic Faiths. What Blood! What Rapine! What Murderous Fanaticism!

I am in Texas, so it is mostly the Christian Variety that confronts me…in the Real World…so that is where most of my Criticism is directed. The main thrust of this Criticism is the Failure of the Christian Milieu(especially the Fundamentalist Sort) to reciprocate my Tolerance of them. (Goose Doctrine).
I am also continually disappointed in the failure to adhere to the purported actual Words of Jesus(M,M,L&J)…instead, focusing on the most Misanthropic(and Misogynist!), hate-filled parts of the Old and New Testament. Saul of Tarsus, for instance.

Everyone is, of course, Free to choose…even which parts of their Holy Book to Cherry-Pick….

I reckon, however, that the Words of Jesus, as reported(presumably) by the Gospel Writers, to be a better recipe for Peace on Earth than many of the Other Parts.

The Fanatics have forced me to think about some way to Counter their onslaught…without losing my own Integrity.

It is only a matter of time, before the “Good News Club” finds it’s way to Mason ISD…

When that happens, I intend to be ready to Fight for a Secular Humanist Club…as is my Right.(by Law, the school cannot exclude such a Club)
I expect there to be “resistance”…

And my Wife(long suffering woman) will hate the very Idea of my Picking such a Fight.

But someone must stand up to these “Dominionists”…lest the Handmaid’s Tale become Future History.

I shall channel the spirit of Giordiano Bruno…and Thomas Jefferson.

Pax, Shantih, Shazbot! Nanoo-nanoo.

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