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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding My Religion

Militant Agnostic(I don’t know, and neither do you)
Secular Humanist(Good, without God; We must make our own Morality)
Mystic(“The World is a fine place, and worth fighting for”-Hemmingway. Or,”I believe in Spinoza’s God”-Einstein))
These three are where I’m at, as far as Religion.
Not really a Religion, at all. Perhaps, Worldview is a better word.
Socratic Perplexity is very important to me…I approach everything with Agnosticism. The Framework I settle on is Provisional…merely a useful scaffold on which to Hang my Observations.

I’m Secular…as I see this as possibly the only way to live in Peace with so many different Worldviews. Pluralism, again….believe what you will…but in order to live together, the Foundation of our Relationship(Government)..what is Common to All…must be Secular; and derived from Reason.

Mystic…because Our ever expanding Bubble of Understanding of the Universe rightly engenders Awe. From the Smallest(that we can see) to the Largest Scale Structures(as far as we’ve been able to see), the Universe continues to Surprise us.
I find that I am quite comfortable with the Unknown…that which is beyond our Current Bubble….it means that there is more to try to understand…which I find Exciting.
Seems that most folks find this disconcerting, at best….Terrifying, at worst.
When the time comes, and I can no longer put it off…I am interested in Death. Since I must, at some point, Die…I see no point in being Fearful of it. I seem to be alone, in this, as well.(I’ve come close, on several occasions…so I have some experience with this)
I see it as another bend in the River.
Since we cannot Know what comes after…and since we cannot Know, for sure, what the Ultimate Truth is…or even that there is such a thing,(despite the claims of the Myriad, Disparate Faiths)…then the only Rational thing to do, is to make this World a better place.
Or, at least, try to.

What we DO know, with as much Certainty as is possible, is that we are here, now…on this little planet…all together. …and that we have more things in common with each other, and with the rest of the Biosphere, than we have Differences.

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