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Thursday, June 21, 2012

No More "Church"

Sitting in the rapids.
Standing Wave Massage.
Looking at the Cliffs, 300 feet above me, that once were the Mud, at the bottom of an Ocean.
The Anxiety, possibly Bipolarism, that had built up, since the latest foray to Houston, finally sent me to the River.
Case of beer, air mattress, summer sausage.

Made the mistake of turning on the radio…unwanted Memory(Her)..Damaged my Calm.
It was no use…the Pain, too, crept through the Beer…doesn’t work, any more.
On my last legs, packed up camp…after a mere 5 hours in the Wilderness. Call it Anhedonia.
Pay for it for a week.

Incredible Pain.
When even a hot bath,or in this case, a Standing Wave Full Body Massage, makes ya feel Worse…hard to have a positive outlook.
Add in the Tape Deck in my Mind….
I’m Crazy.

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