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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tea, Coffee and Occupation

It was entirely predictable, that the media and the Rabid Right would poo-pooh the growing Occupy the World Movement. The Tea People, the Insane Psychopathic Screamers on Faux News, and other bastions of the Right Leaning Media(like the entire AM dial…”Liberal Media”, my white ass!)…and Republican Politicians, who Fear the Pseudo-Movement they helped to create(Tea)…all have come out against the Occupiers. Cantor’s “Concern” about the “Mobs”…the innuendo and belittling off hand comments about Laziness, “Get a Job”, and all the rest….

It is somewhat comforting…encouraging…to see the FEAR in these Folks’ eyes.

The very Idea of a Leaderless, Manifesto-less Movement fills me with Hope that…just perhaps…there’s enough moxie left in the American People to curtail our headlong plunge into Pseudo Fascism/Pseudo Feudalism/Panopticon. It may be too late, but at least WE rose up a little, before the End.

As I’ve said before, the little town where I live has been in a Great Depression for at least 10 years. Anyone can see this, if they were to open their eyes. Wages are stagnant, “unemployment” is rampant…there is no Healthcare worth the name…and most folks scratch and scramble to get by. Yet, in the last 10-15 years, my county has sided with the architects of this malaise…(republicans)

I know, I know…we’re supposed to “Rise Above” the partisan divide, and all…I say Bullshit.

While Democrats have been spineless, supine and overly accommodating…the recent History of Us is quite clear: Republicans made this…Forget, for a moment, that the Republican Party opposed every bill, every policy, since 1900 that helped the poor, and the middle…I’m talking about the last 32 years, and especially, the last 12. The “Reagan Revolution”,and all that went with it, has been an abject Failure for everyone, save the much loathed 1%, and assorted dictators, Bankers, Hedgefund Managers, and other, sundry Parasitical Elites. All of them have done quite well, thank you…and it is somewhat heartening, even at this late hour, to see a Majority of my countrymen Correctly Identify the proper perpetrators of our collective pain.

For 35 years, we have believed the tripe, that it is all our fault that we are not wealthy…that it has nothing, whatever, to do with the way the System is Structured…that such laying of Blame is , somehow, a Copout, a Lazy Excuse, Unamerican.

How uplifting to see , on one of Maddow’s polls(I understand, about polling) that about ¾’s of Americans finally are willing to say that all of this is, indeed, Bullshit. The same old Piss On the Little Guy Policies are all the Right has to offer….an Utopian, entirely Fictional World, where “Hard Work and Sacrifice” will pay off…where You, Too Can be a Millionaire. Where we are a Nation of Laws, and that No one is above those Laws.

Turns out that there’s a lot of “People” who are above the Law…they are known as Corporations.


It’s going to take a lot more than folks camping out to change course, I’m afraid.

We have yet to see the full force of the Machine brought to bear…as much as I , a Liberal, abhor Violence…I predict that there will be Violence.It is likely the only Language that the Machine, and it’s Minions, understand. That said, such Violence will be, truly, Defensive…(I’ve got Billy Joel in my head, at the moment…”We didn’t start the fire…”) We didn’t declare War on “Them”; rather They, on Us…they just forgot, or neglected, or were too sneaky, to inform us of the Fact. Now is the Time, and we know the Time(Dean Moriarty)…Time for the Counterattack…for our generation’s “Once more, into the breach”…Au Deamus! Let Us Dare, to endeavor to make “Take Back America” something more than a bumpersticker. Our Country has been stolen, We know who the thieves are, and We know where they live.

Humans, arise.

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