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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Barrio, at Night

The Barrio is somewhat active , tonight.

Comings and goings and lurkings and waitings.

Folks in their backyard, I can see them from my Café.(A Table, out by the Street.)

Folks talking, having a cigarette on their front porch, in the dark…some, in the light.


For sex, drugs, plans.

And endless dogs.

Barking, whining, howling.

Dogs, I envision, of all shapes and sizes.

My geese are chuckling quietly.

Chortling, and every so often, letting out a trumpet-like hoot.

Ducks, muttering in the kiddie pool.

The chickens, at least, are silent.

I’m waiting on the cold front…

I’ve been Feeling it’s approach all day.

The stars, to the north and west are blurry….

Probably in Brady and Menard, by now.

Thirty-Five miles.

I know it’s close, because the Pain lessens as it passes.

It’ll return by morning.

It’s quiet.

Distant dogs, now.

Trucks on the highway/Main Street…braking to round the Square.

I wish I had better legs…

I’d like to ride the bike down there, to the Square.

There’s something about small, Texas towns, at night.

Just the suggestion of an Endlessness, beyond the lights at the center of town…

Of highways

Of the wide world, out there.

In the Dark.

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