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Sunday, March 28, 2010

screw it...

After actually being engaged in Mr Horowitz's site, for however briefly before I was no longer allowed to...and after reviewing past experience with other Right Wing sites...I give up.
There can be no common ground, no agreement to disagree, no compromise...when one's "opposition" inhabits a completely different world.
The Right's hysterical hatred of anything that wanders out of their narrow world...
Their inability to see anything outside of their narrow worldview, makes impossible any attempt at coexistence.How can one, in good faith, compromise with folks who believe that you are Evil...and will believe nothing to the contrary, no matter the evidence?
It appears to me, after long study and observation, that the Right simply cannot see evidence that contradicts their Ideology.
Consider the cherry-picking of scientific knowledge, the rampant cherry-picking of Bible Verses and even the cherry-picking of quotations by the Founders...picking out those utterances and concepts (or pieces thereof...) that support their World; and chucking all the rest.
Most obvious is the Bible stuff, I think...Ignoring the "Liberal" sayings of Jesus (Beatitudes), and quoting, ad nauseum, Leviticus, Exodus, Isaiah, Revelations, and various passages from other words, the most violent, warlike, hate-filled parts are the ones they holler the most.
There is even a website, modelled on that evil, liberal Wiki, to rewrite the Bible, excising the "Liberal" parts.
The recent uproar in Texas, with the Board of Education rewriting History, and the teaching thereof...removing Thomas Jefferson (due to "Wall of Separation between Church and State", I'm sure),in favor of Newt Gingrich,St. Ronnie, and a revived Joe McCarthy.(!)

The total forgetfulness of what Lil George, et alia, accomplished...instead, focusing on what they perceive happening w/ the Obama administration...almost word for word what we on the Left saw with the Previous Occupant.(the difference is that Lil George left ample evidence laying shame there!).
Projecting on to "Liberals" the very things that they secretly hope and pray death camps, roundups of the "opposition", widespread spying, wrecking the country...all of these things that have been a part of Right Wing Rhetoric for years, they Project onto us.
Never mind that such things are inimical to "Liberals"...go against the very things that make us Liberal, in the first place.
I propose that we give them a little world...say Oklahoma, maybe Kansas...we can argue about this...where they can be "God Fearing Conservative Patriots".
Can we skip the whole Civil War II, thing? just hand over some portion of the country where they can try their Right Wing Theocracy, and whatever else they have been pining for?
If Texas falls under that Jurisdiction (Likely) I'll be happy to emigrate.
I can think of nothing else that would avoid Hobbes' War...the Political System is hopelessly Marred...they Broke it.
They broke it when they decided that elections don't matter...if they lose them.
When they decided that Majorities don't matter...when they are not in them.
The last year has been a testament to this...they don't think it matters that they lost, handily.
They still behave as if they are in charge.
What can men do, in the face of such Mindless Intractibility?
We'd be in better shape arguing with Geese.

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