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Thursday, March 25, 2010


The Stupidity, and Disingenuousness, of the Right never ceases to amaze me…
In continuing my rant from below, if ya' want a Revolution, a Civil War 2, at least have the courage to come out and say it!
The Right's Machine, their de facto Leadership, has for years been scaring folks into more and more violent and apoplectic moods. Combined with the demise of Discourse and Debate, this has led to a very Dangerous Place: a Nascent Revolution.
I don't have numbers, polls being what they are…but whatever percentage of the country is included in Right Wing Nuttyland has been stirred up, like the proverbial hornet's nest, to the very edge of a Violent Outburst.
This should surprise no one…and indeed, many on the Left have been warning about this for years…(Dave Niewert comes to mind)
That the Republican/Conservative "leadership" is frantically backpedalling, now at the Hour of their Glory, highlights (in Pink?!) their lack of Courage.
They are, after all, Cowards…Arm Chair Rabble Rousers.
They hide behind small, fearful, outraged Idiots…the same idiots that they have created…the same , that they have nurtured, and poisoned, and whose hair they have set alight.
Now, when their long program of ignorance and indignation has come to fruition, they run for cover.
If they truly believe in their own Rhetoric…of which there is ample evidence, going back to the Palmer Raids, at least…if they really believe all the Vile Things they've pounded into the minds of their Base, they should grab a flag, and a gun, and get out in front of the Mob they have created.
They won't, of course…
Turns out that the Right is not only Cowardly, but quintessentially dishonest.
The Reason the Right's "leadership" is against Healthcare Reform is not, as has been shouted, because it is a "Government Takeover"…it's because it will at least begin to rein in the Corporations involved in "health care".
They are against Unions, and the stalled EFCA…not because of some principled concern for the Freedom of the Worker…but because restoring the right to Collectively Bargain hurts the bottom line of Corporations.
They, in almost every instance, have hollered about how they are for "the American People" and Freedom…when, in Reality..they are protecting the Rights of Corporate Vampires.
I could go on, but it's very early…
The "leadership" of the Right will continue it's disingenuous distancing from the Violence they have unleashed…
They have created these conditions, now they can sit back and allow the Machine to do it's work.
A Principled Stand would be out of character, and might lift the Veil just enough to allow the Bewildered Herd to see where their real allegiance lies..
Why would they risk that?
Fucking Cowards.

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amfortas the hippie said...

McCain's on MSNBC right now...proving me right.
I'll admit that if they were honest and forthright, they would have the support of around 1% of the population....the Rich and their Corps.