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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Perusing David

I've been wandering around David Horowitz's numerous web-publications...
(I started here:
I am just stunned! Talk about Myopic, Studiously Ignorant Ravings!
They see everything through Red (Commie)-Coloured Glasses!
Obama is, somehow, a Liberal/Progressive President...which seems to equal, in these people's mind, Communist/Fascist Totalitarianism. (?)
Seems that if one doesn't swallow the whole Capitalism/Manifest Destiny/USA!=Freedom(no matter what!) Mantra, one is, by definition, a member of the Enemy...lurking in shadows, yet at the same time, boldly taking over God's Own Country.
No grey area, here!
As I remember, it was Conservatives...not "Liberals"...who had a hand in creating the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan...leading directly to Taliban/Al Queda.
It was Conservatives who championed Deregulation of Corporations, in the name of "Free Enterprise"...which led directly to our current Economic Malaise.(Clinton, who is not "Liberal" by any sane definition, went along with Conservatives in this)
It was a Conservative "Administration" who shamelessly and openly usurped many of our Rights under the color of fighting a War on a Tactic (Terrism!).
I could go on, and on...
I am not saying, and have never said, that Democrats are our best hope.
I'd be as Myopic as Horowitz.
Democrats, with few exceptions, are nothing close to Liberal/Progressive.
Neither is Obama.
They are, at best, merely less Right Wing than the Republicans/Conservatives(who are linked by their own words, not mine...and have been trying to tacitly separate since the Failures of BushII)
I expect my contributions to David's Comment Sections to be removed, forthwith...not because I was nasty (I wasn't) but because there is no room, in his world, for a Reasoned Opposition.
it's sad, and illustrative...I go to such sites because I really do want to know...I want to understand folks who think like that.But when I dare to ask questions...dare to point out inconsistencies..I am either banned or pilloried or both.
I'm interested to learn how Good David reacts.

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