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Sunday, November 1, 2015

So...Contraceptives cause Abortion.

Back into the Cave!!!

What it must be like in their terrifying little world!!!
The only way that I see to counter this insane nonsense is to assert, loudly and proudly, that Sex is Fun...and that how and why We do sex is none of their fucking business.
I am not, nor have I ever been a Christian...of any denomination.
Why am I to be subject to their self imposed rules and regulations, guilt trips and hang-ups, regarding sex?
What gives them the Right to have veto power over the wants and needs of the rest of us?
And how, pray tell, does it make sense to so many people that “Contraceptives cause abortions”?
These folks are mortally afraid of Modernity.
That is their Right...and I will defend that Right.
But I am not afraid.
Many, many others are also not afraid.
I like's one of my very favorite things...and I refuse to feel guilty, or to change my sexual behaviour, because of a few moralizing scolds forever stuck in a Bronze Age belief system.
Let them go into the Cave...I sincerely hope that they will be happy there.
But I will not be joining them.

The only aspect of sexual behaviour that is anyone else's business is Consent.
If the parties engaged in sexual behaviour are consenting, and above the(somewhat arbitrary) Age of Consent...meaning that they are Legally Able to Consent...then it's none of our business.
Curiously, the same Cavers who want to outlaw Contraception are often the same folks who advocate so-called “Biblical Marriage”...wherein the Wife and Kids are the Property of the Husband, who is God's Regent in the Family.
This, of course, is often the very Opposite of Consent(see: Duggars, et al.)
In a similarly perverse fashion, they are often the same folks who decry “Big Government on our backs”...but who seem to have no problem with Big Government meddling in everyone's sex life...dictating what part goes where, and when and for what purpose.
In yet another example of the counterintuitive Surreality, these same folks cry and wail that their Religious Freedom is being trampled upon by the 'nasty gays' virtue of the latter's desire for Equal Treatment under the Law.
Where I live, it doesn't look like Christians of any stripe are suffering Persecution.
On the contrary, they are most often the ones Doing the Persecution...of Gays of Liberals, of Muslims of People of Color, of Pagans and Atheists and Agnostics and anyone who doesn't fit into their preferred narrow worldview.
Why do We allow this tiny minority of Life Hating Busybodies (who long for the Fiery End of the World, no less) to have a Universal Right to Veto things they don't like?
I encourage the rest of Us to stand up to these people.
They do NOT have that Right, unless We give it to them.

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