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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fear and Loathing part 3

“if you abandon Genesis’ literal history of marriage and say marriage can be two men or two women or whatever you want, well why not abandon clothing?” - See more at:

and there's much more:

Any port in a storm, I guess....

I wouldn't care, in a perfect world, that Ken Hamm is afraid of everydamnedthing...including Social Nudity.
I am compelled to care, however, because so many of my countrymen DO believe in what he rambles on about...him and a veritable army of other mouth breathers.
How many folks tune in to Hamm, Limbaugh or the hateful crazy person Michael Savage?
Fox News(sic) is merely a Gateway Drug to the Real Lunacy.
From Lifetime Movies to the Narrative they receive in Church, the world looks increasingly Dark and Scary to a great many of our neighbors. Add in the Right Wing Web, and it becomes Terrifying, indeed.
That Fear is what scares me, as I've now said 3 times just this morning.
I sit here Naked on Sunday Morning, after smoking a joint, and rolling in the hay with the Wife(non-procreatively), catching up on this week's Crazy, and realise that I embody everything that those folks Fear and Hate:
Sex-Positive(and Trysexual!),Naked, Liberal, Intelligent, “Libertarian Socialist”,Globalist(in the Diogenes Way), Secular with Pagan Leanings(Happy Pagan New Year!!)...I Think for Myself, rather than merely accept the “Truth” that's handed me by those who have arrogated the “Truth” to themselves...often under the aegis of their version of the Skydaddy.
I AM the Liberal Conspiracy, it turns out...
But I am all but completely least way out here...which makes it difficult to implement all the Cultural Marxism and stuff(sic).lol.
In other words, they are afraid of Nothing At All.
The Great Enemy that they are so angry at and afraid of doesn't exist.
...which doesn't seem to matter, when all's said and done.
Beware of these folks...for, lacking an actual Dark Force to unleash themselves upon, I fear that we will find that We will do nicely in it's stead.

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