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Monday, June 8, 2015


Swallowed Up, but....
...We can still be spit out, if We are Distasteful enough . (Budong)

You can kill my source, if you want to...
It doesn't matter.
It's happening in spite of your Belief.

I watch Rachel Maddow online in the morning with coffee.
Since the merger, the online part of MSNBC has gotten steadily if they had purposefully hired the worst IT People they could find.
If I were a giant media company, I would be embarrassed to put my name to such a poor product.

Reckon that Comcast is Post-Officing Msnbc.
Making it Clunky, so that the Bean Counters will be justified in re-arranging things in a less Liberal manner, blaming the Market(holy,holy) all the while.
Why would a business that is interested in Profit above all other things (world without end), do such a thing?

It will be 2016 sooner than you think.

Comcast is taking one for the Team.

In order to Fight Bernie Sanders.

(see?!...they do know what “compromise” means)

Msnbc , for good or ill, is the ONLY thing that passes for Liberal Cable/Satellite News in America, right now.
And it's just Center-Left....maybe even Center right!
“Moderate”, we would have named it, 40 years ago.
But it uses the Right's Narrative, not Ours.
The Actual Liberal Media is scattered and the wilderness.
From Save the Whales to Medicare for All to Eat the Rich....
Disparate leads to Lonely Dispair.
Collectively, such creatures have only tacit connection to one another.
Little Kingdoms, on widely separated little hills, mere threads in between them.
Because We have no Narrative of Our own....instead We use Theirs';
Designed to Belittle Us. Field Tested to Deride any Alternative without Thought(Luntzed)

Sitting in the middle of all of this, is the moribund Democratic Party.
They have a lock on all things official, on what remains of the Liberal Side(like stats and demographics and databases), but they are not really liberal, themselves.
Clinton's Folly still holds them to the Oaths they took to the Corporate State.
They are ineffective, mostly....and often on purpose.
Thralls to Moloch.
'It costs money', they insist, on bloody knees.
'And all the money is in the Corps(e).
So we must worship the Machine therein.'

All the while, outside, lost and alone,
or in little groups, spread like gossamer across the land,
are what used to be the Liberal Base.
Some have sworn fealty to the Right-- while holding their noses, or not...gotta live, after all...and the System Selects for Psychopathy.

Some are lost in sports clubs and trade days/the Mall.
All the things we do to divide ourselves from one another.
Some have given up....or started Fighting in another way...
Burning Man, Firefly.
Living out loud.....but quietly, so as to sort of blend in-- on the margins, flouting convention.
But all alone, or in far-flung little groups ...again, just barely connected,
like gossamer.

Ranting on Facebook ain't gonna get it done,
this Great Work.

This will take emerging from the back yard...from the living room....from the Closet. This will take Front Yards, and Parks, and Streets.
(plant Vegetables in yer front yard and Give them away)

It will also take: either 1.overwhelming our own damned Party...2.going, en masse, with the Greens...or 3., forming something New to better Represent Our Interests.
Polite Disagreement, and the Veiled Rhetoric of Mild Outrage, can
no longer be accepted.
It simply hasn't worked.
Not good enough.
The People...those I haphazardly enumerated above—that great amorphous mass...including those who pay no attention to such trifles as Politics....
They are Legion.
They are Waiting.
We are Legion.
We are Waiting.
Waiting til that time that We know that We are not our outrage, and in our Frustration.
Hiding in the proverbial, if not the Literal, Hills. Waiting to be a Part of Something...a Tribe a Clan or a Nation.
We must find a Narrative to coax...even shock...them out.
To Wake them.
Enrage them , even>
Let them know that they are not alone.
We have the Negative Theology down pat....we can spell out, with fervor, what we are not.
We need to figure out what We Are.
And then Speak it.
To whomever will Listen.

Reclaim Liberty from the Right.
For They have abused it.
Reclaim Patriotism, while we're at it.
For They have soiled the flag, and what it stands for:
Radical Inclusion.
(!! Let them keep their Narrow Little Worlds!)
Those who oppose us are not the Enemy....merely the Fooled; Cousins, lost in the Fog.
The Enemy is the Gospel of Greed...of Dog eat Dog....of Kick the Burning Ladder Down!
Piss on Our Heads.
Of “I got Mine”.

Together we can find a cure.

{You Christians among us...please Reclaim Christ!!....(Matt.25!!)The Philistines have stolen Jesus from you!}

Reciprocity (the Golden Rule) is a fine place to start.
Our Society...Our Civilisation...should be a Reflection of Us.
Not the eldritch shadow we see today....where Avarice is the Highest Good, and Money the only Ideal Metric of Worth.

Eudaemonia is a Joint Endeavor!
How do We define Our Civilisation?!
Happiness? Fullfillment? Let Us Think about these things, for
This is Ours to figure out...Not have it dictated by the Boss, the Agent, or the Preacher....let alone the Congresscritter(Our employee)....or the Cop(also Our employee).
We are the Sovereigns.
They all work for Us, and are meant to embody Our Values.

I tire of being a Square Peg in the Round Hole of their Dysfunction....
Is there nothing that they advocate that does not involve Punishment,Suffering and Death?

Surely a Better World can be had, in the here and now....(“let him who has ears to hear...”)
I am more than an “Economic Unit”;
So I want to talk about Economics...about how People live their Lives.
Shorn of the Esoterica.

Not Big Government, but Better Government.
Less intrusive but more helpful.
Smarter, and with clearer goals and mechanisms.
And Limits.
With a Care for the actual People...the Human Beings-- who are supposed to be it's Masters.

Let Us frelling Incorporate, if we have to.
Let Us go head to head with those who have purchased Our Damned Government in a back room, somewhere.
Let Us be a giant Paper Manifestation of Americans, to counter the Numerous Paper People who are arrayed against Us.
America Incorporated, with each of Us...and yes, each of Them, too...All of Us a Shareholder thereof.
We Outnumber the Regressives, Three to One.
If We would only wake, and get Together.

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