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Monday, June 8, 2015

Barriers to Entry, redux.


Entirely predictable, given the Egg “Industry's” penchant for animal abuse, close quarters, terrible conditions and the prophylactic over-use of antibiotics and growth hormones.
And yet, I cannot sell an Egg(save “on farm”) laid by our happy and healthy chickens.
We have on any given day around 50 dozen brown eggs, both regular size, great big(and sometimes double yolked), and the Banty eggs(takes 2 to make one regular).
But since we are not licensed and permitted, we are illegal for all but “on-farm” sales...which means that folks have to drive way out here, make a special trip.
In order to justify the costs involved in getting licensed and permitted, we would, ourselves, need to expand into an Egg Factory.
That's how the rules are the Egg “Industry”, itself.
The Rules are promoted as having everything to do with health and safety...but here we have the event that gives the lie to that idea.
It was only a matter of time before there was an outbreak in the Industrial Egg Factories.
The Egg “Industry” also has another effect on little guys like me...I am unable to sell such eggs as folks are willing to drive for at a price that is sustainable.
The Economies of Scale mean that the Industrial Eggs can be sold for an artificially cheap price. But I can in no way compete...since I can't buy scratch grains and whatnot by the Ton.
Here is Neoliberalism, again...fucking things up: Price is all that matters...quality be damned.
My Eggs are consistently Better, hands down, than any of the weak and runny and flavorless Industrial Eggs.
But folks have been trained to go for the Lowest Price.
In the same way that the California Megadrought will make produce scarce...this is making Eggs scarce.
The rush to concentration of the Means of Production into the hands of a handfull of gigantic immortal fictions, leads inexorably to weakness in the supply lines.
When there's only a couple of Corps(e) who produce eggs, and something bad happens to them,then there are no eggs.
Wouldn't it be better to Democratise the Production of Food?
To spread the Means of Production as widely as possible?
There is no good reason, any longer, for this rush to Hyper-Concentration.
We should do Food...and we do the Internet(as originally constructed). Instead of one big farm...a million little ones.
Diversity is Strength.

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