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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Humanity is like a Rainforest

Watching this, on this rainy Easter afternoon:

I've always been fascinated with India.
I first read the Gita in Senior English, back of the class, bored, dreaming of wanderings. Saw the film version of E.M Forster's A Passage to India, and the monumental Gandhi, and Kamasutra, and Siddartha(based on Hermann Hesse' novel.).
I've since read a lot, but not nearly all, of the Hindu Canon...much of it left me breathless(in mind) and chaotically was Pluralism, writ large.
All of this was very interesting, but I never got around to wandering that far.
I'd like to go to India(Bharat ), and speak to those Sadhi.
Overall, the impression is one of a wholly alien culture to ours in the west.
How remarkable, that the same Human Species could have diversified to such an extent!
The film linked above is available on Netflix, and worth a look, if only to break one out of one's habitual thought-patterns of what it means to be Human.
Copious use of Ganja is indicated.

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