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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Activist Corpersons and their Supporters

That's the best I could do to “embed” the Melissa Harris-Perry segment I'll be referring to...Comcast has been having some issues with the whole “Freedom of the Press”-thing...

But anyhoo...
These folks are going on and on about how the Corporate World essentially saved the day in Indiana, and put a stop to the “I hate gays” discrimination bill.
What no one seems to be paying any attention to, is how this fits in with the idea of “Corporate Personhood” and Corporate “Citizenship”.
From the Santa Fe Railroad Case, circa 1898, wherein an enthusiastic court reporter scribbled down a minor aside by a Justice(“of course corporations are persons...”)...all the way up to Citizens United, and Hobby Lobby...Fictional Entities, Immortal Collections of Fancy Paper in a Mailbox in Delaware, are increasingly regarded as equal to, and even greater than, actual Human Beings, under the Law.
Such entities are busy writing and hashing out, in Secret!, the Trans-Pacific Partnership “Free Trade” deal.
In the Indiana Fiasco, these Immortal Fictions sided with the Rights of Actual their credit.
But they remain essentially unaccountable.
This Activism merely proves their Power over Our Government(s), and We the People can in no way be complacent that they will continue to be “on Our side”.
They remain, in many cases, Supranational Citizens of Earth, no matter where they happen to lay their paper heads.
….and on the Flip Side of that:

...which is an article, with lots of links to documentation in support of the argument they are making, which is, that the Corps and the various levels of Government work in collusion to oppress and repress The People...or, at least that subset thereof who would meddle with the Status Quo.
The Right can go literally on the War Path, agitate and wave guns and throw bricks and beat people up, and it's cool.
But let a bunch of Hippies start camping (CAMPING!!!) across the street from the Gaping Maw of Moloch, and...well...that's just a Bridge Too Far.
Out come the Stormtroopers and the APC's and the Gas and the Rubber Bullets and the Attack Dogs(Peta, where art thou?).
It seems that it is NOT Cool to oppose, out loud and in public, the Corporate State.
Added to all of that coordinated State Violence at the behest of Giant Piles of Paper, is the Faux Newtz fomented eruption of churlish behaviour.
“Damned dirty hippies need to take a shower...git a job...”
...all the rest.
I recall that the first little inflorescence of Modern Tea was a sort of Ron Paul Joint, formed and invigorated and disgusted by Wall Street and all of it's behaviour.
Now, here was a broad and deep swath of everyone from Far Left(so I hear,lol...mythical creatures...) to the Middle-Right, all in the streets hollering about the same thing, and from the same perspective(from below).
But the Great Wurlitzer of Hate and Confusion geared up and whirled and whirled and spewed out fresh Talking Points and suddenly, it was Only the Left, and therefore to be ridiculed...or, at least, that was the Mantra. The Populist Right totally Disowned their Common Cause with the rest of the country.
Plug this terrifying phenomenon into the others, up top.
Here is Orwell and Huxley and Attwood all rolled up into one, and used as a How To Manual on how to go about dismantling a Free Society.
It's been very effective, these last few years...and all because a small minority(I've seen estimates ranging from 10-35%) of the population is so well Conditioned and Trained that they abandon whatever they are mad about, and go be mad about something else at the mere suggestion of those who run the Wurlitzer.
“Oh look, a Communist!”
[scuttle scuttle scuttle...Growl!]
What can we do about this horrible state of affairs?
We cannot Reason with these trained seals...they are Immune to any information that falls outside of their conditioning.
We cannot, it seems, change the Media Universe... Corpse have that locked down...
We certainly can't simply Ignore them...they are far too dangerous.

Is this what Germany in the 1930's was like for Liberals and Social Democrats and Communists and Gay Folks and, of course, the Jews?
I know...I know...we're not supposed to violate Godwin's Law...but when is it OK to do so?
The Right does it all the time, even though they apparently do not know what it means...”Fascism” is just an ugly thing to throw at people one doesn't like.
But what about when it IS Fascism?
What about when one's political Opponents behave and speak in the actions and language of Fascism? Behave like Brownshirts?
Is it OK to call them Out?
Or must we wait for more visible manifestations?
I fear that by then it will be too late.

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