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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The lefty rag, “the Economist”, holds forth on one of America's most idiotic statistics...comparing it to their own numbers.
What I don't understand is why a bunch of “small government” Zealots are so peachy keen on defending cops....that is, the dreaded “Government Thugs”...when they kill folks.
Sometimes in a way that resembles a firing squad.
...and, before my Jedi-Cop buddy get's bent out of shape, there is abundant video evidence. Some of it is rather easy to spin, reciting SCOTUS' ruling from long ago, about deferring to the perspective of officers at the scene.
Most, however, appear pretty cut and dried, to me.
In this article, it mentions that reporting of such killings is Voluntary.
I knew about the federal lack of such a requirement, but have no idea if Texas has a statute like that.
If we do not, we should.
Texas appears to be full of folks who are scared shitless, sometimes to the point of lashing out,of (variously) the Fedgov, the UN, Chinese Troops!, and Dark Skinned Hordes from the south.
But not requiring Police to send a report to Austin when they kill a Human Being is OK?
That particular part of the evil gooberment is so trustworthy,
So beyond reproach, that they can forego scrutiny by their Employers(that's Us,btw)?
What about “getting governments off our backs!” ?
What a ridiculous “oversight” by our vehemently anti-government frothers.
Of course, much of this official slaughter is justified by the equally idiotic and failed “War on Drugs”.
The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and say nothing of the more esoteric Ninth and Tenth...are shredded. Exceptions and various work-arounds have debased the letter and spirit of those Amendments, but this, too, is OK.
Now what the Drugwar started, is handed off to the “Global War on Terror”.
Also idiotic, and UnAmerican in the extreme, and apparently have the opposite of it's intended effect.
Spying on everybody on the frikking planet, listening to everybody's phone.
Shoeless at the airport.
Executive approved snatch-jobs and black bag ops...Secret Prisons and Torture Cells...
This is OK?
And while we discount all of these actual threats to our Freedoms, we are to be terrified of the IRS, the EPA and the folks who at least attempt to lessen the chance that I will die from irradiated lettuce with Fecal Matter on it, or who warn me of tomorrow's storm.
None of these agencies and departments are perfect.
Usda is incestuous with Big Ag, as FDA is kept in Big Pharma's basement dungeon, and let us not forget Treasury and the Fed, where they have had the revolving door made into a stripper cage (it was in the way...)
But they aren't shooting American Citizens in parkinglots.
They aren't bursting through the door at 5 am, and expecting no resistance.(I am fully aware of the anti_Raw Milk raids, and the like. So the phenomena may be spreading.)
If my compatriots on the Right want to at least seem serious about all that Limited Government rhetoric, they should demand something be done about the parts of government that are a literal threat to Human Life and Liberty.

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