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Friday, February 6, 2015

Pig in shit

I've been laboring, intermittently of necessity, on getting the site ready for beginning construction on our Funky Cabin in the Wilderness.
Wife and Mother are, of course, somewhat reticent and circumspect.
Wife is a little less so, since I gave my arm waving visionary presentation a week ago.
The boys are excited...and I expect them to remain so until they come to the realisation that;1. This will be an ongoing project for at least a year, and 2, that they will be required to actually work.
In order for the big trucks to get there to put in my meter(a necessary evil...eventually, I will only use the grid for dryer and the tankless water heater), I had to remove a 20 foot section of fence, and the giant sprawl of opuntia(prickly pear) that had colonised there.
2 days.
About 4 hours, per day.
Then 16 hours of agony.
In the interstices, while I am recovering in the fetal position in my pillow-nest, I've been a-wandrin' in my latest accidental discovery:

and especially, the sub-folder:

Mostly in he Philosophy section.
I've so far skipped over the Leo Strauss offerings...and I note that he seems to be somewhat over-represented, but's free...and he did really know his stuff, if one can separate him from his intellectual and political progeny.
Folks from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale and Berkley, and a hundred other Universities...even the Naropa Institute for Disembodied Poetics(!!!) Alan Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac, no less.
All manner of brain-candy, here.

I'm waiting on the pole/meter, and the leavings from the concrete truck(I only need a yard) for the footing for the big ass woodstove. Bits of barbed wire and rusty hog-wire and mangled chicken wire and a beer can or two are stuffed into one of the big metal garden beds, ready for the pour.
Manana, since it'll be warm again, I intend to sit out there with paper and my fancy pencils and a calculator and maybe even a ruler/straight-edge, and get my ducks in a row, and make “The List” of materials.
First Corner Post Day approaches.
Film at eleven.

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