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Saturday, September 27, 2014

listserves make me livid

I get all these fucking emails from Tea People....

to me

Right now, conservatives have the opportunity of a lifetime.

Just six seats separate us from control of the Senate. And since that’s decided in November, most Americans are deciding their votes right now.

Josef, this is the most important time to spend on messaging and outreach efforts.

Democrats are on track to outspend us by millions in every state.

Donate right now to help voter outreach efforts like making calls, knocking on doors, sending emails, and hosting events.

This is the hard work that comes with supporting candidates on a grassroots level. Unlike our opponents, we don’t have funds from Hollywood celebrities to rely upon. We have something better: the support of people like you and your neighbors, regular Americans who believe in the conservative message.

Please support a Republican Senate majority.


Senator Tim Scott

(shakes head) Tim, Tim, Tim...
I DO NOT Support y'all.
I'm only on your frelling list because some of my employees are Goptea Creatures(Conaway, Cruz and Cornyn).
I holler at them, a lot...and they put me on these fucking lists.
I get mail, too...which is good in winter for kindling.
You all will never, ever, get any money out of me.
Your policies suck(pissing on us is mean), your philosophy is full of holes(and some oozy brown substance), and y'all are repeatedly caught out in lies, duplicity and outright hypocrisy.
I support space colonization specifically to give people like you something to do...someplace else.
Barring that, please locate the rock you all came out from under, and crawl back under it.
We have a country to repair.

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