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Monday, January 6, 2014


(a la Alexander)

Saturday was balmy, sort of...and relatively...
Me and the Wife were out at the “old house” (the broken down trailerhouse at Mom's), cleaning up more of the detritus, in preparation for installing 1/2” plyboard on the floors, and hardyboard on the rotten wall...(Ugh!)
All of this in service of the Dream of having my Library/Monastery/Hermitage...hopefully by Summer.
An hour into this chore, my back suddenly hurt like hell...not from intense labor, it's not that difficult to hold a snow shovel while Wife sweeps....but from the approaching front.
So everything stopped...and we went and took care of my Mom's chickens(she has Pneumonia, so we've been out every day to do animals)...with me moving slower and slower and more and more painfully...and finally got which time I could hardly walk from the truck to the bed.
….Where I've been ever since.
This is the worst Front, yet.
I slept for maybe 2 hours Saturday night, writhing and moaning...took the max dosage of the pain pills, and smoked a lot of herb...
What is different about this cold front?
The local Pressure didn't change all that much, according to the weather service, as well as my Barometers.
About the only distinguishing feature of this cold front, relative to the others, is the Pressure Differential...between the center of the Low, and me.
When the center moved into Kansas, that's when my back gave out, and the cascade of structural failures began. Last night (Sunday), around 8pm, I suddenly felt better...that Low had moved off to the North East.
Again, I'm left looking for a Mechanism.
I lay here, thinking about Gravity Waves and Subspace(100+hours of Star Trek,lol)...and lament that no one at LIGO ever got back to me.
There's Science, waiting to be done, here.
From 3pm Saturday afternoon, to 8pm Sunday evening, I was in Hell.
12 more hours later, and I'm exhausted from the ordeal.(and was 14 degrees, at 5am)
How strange it is, to be knocked flat by something so far away.

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