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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hail Satan.

Fucking hilarious!

I hope that the Rabid “Christians” in the Buckle of the Bible Belt are marshaling their lawyers...
I hope that the Tea People, including all the Sharia fearing Hysterics, and the “Christian Nation” revisionists, and David Barton(and Glenn Beck)...are gearing up...sending in their green stamps and whatnot...
I hope that they take it all the way to the Supreme Court.
It will be as delicious as rocky road on Jennifer Aniston's foot(!?).
It will cost that portion of the Fringe a whole bunch of money...provide fodder for John Stewart, and likely spur counterdonations to PFAW and the ACLU.
Even the current SCOTUS is not crazy enough to attempt to overturn the Establishment Clause so blatantly.
This is the way to counter all of that Xenophobic, ahistorical bullshit.
Perhaps a six foot statue of Kore...or a Reclining Buddha.
Myself, I'd like to see a Druid's Grove dedicated on the Courthouse Lawn.
Even more, I'd like to see a Freethinker's Monument, a la Comfort, Texas, down the road a piece.

For too long, non-Christians...and more pointedly, non- Rabid-so-called-”Christians”...have let the Crazies get away with getting their way in these matters.
We've been too fearful of the cries of “Persecution!”, whenever these nutters are challenged, even half-heartedly.
That it's the frikking Church of Satan that has the Balls to so overtly confront the forces of hate and discrimination and FEAR, is the cherry on top.
We are, and always have been, a Secular matter what the David Bartons of the world say.

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