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Sunday, March 3, 2013


My normal time of awakening...between 3 and 5 certainly problematic, these days.
Home for 2 and a half days, I could probably get to the kitchen, by the long way(walker won't fit, the short way)...but I fear Falling.
Inadvisable, at this point.
I call either wife, or eldest son, at 1 am, or so, to Be Dad...and mend the fire....
Channeling Hestia.
Turns out that the Magical Wood Stove Fairy, who keeps the fire going all night when it's in the 20's, is...Me.
I'm reluctant to wake them again....but dammit!
I want Coffee!
I do the various Bed Exercises given me...I can do most of them by myself, now.
It is remarkable, just how weary...exhausted even, such seemingly minor exertions can make you.
Pressing the heel, or the back of the knee, into the bed...
Sliding one's heel towards one's butt...always bearing in mind the "90 Degree Rule" and other prohibited positions and movements.
What eludes me, still, are the Abduction/Adduction Exercises...simply laying here, legs outstretched, and attempting to move the foot of the "Operative Leg" Outward, and back.
No Luck.
I command my leg, "Move!"...I bend my Will towards it...and it does nothing...
Like it belongs to someone else.
Those two muscles were clamped and stretched out of the Surgeon's way...
The one they cut is actually in better shape...although I still cannot lift the Op leg up onto the bed, without help.
I push myself.
Where 10 "reps" are indicated, I strive for 20.
When such sessions are encouraged twice a day, I do them so often as to lose count.
Now that the effects of the Dilaudid are gone(finally!), I find myself craving Protein....I want peanut butter for breakfast...even more than coffee.
 The Hip, itself, is pain free(!)
...and has been, since I awoke from Surgery.
The Muscles around it hurt like hell...
...and the curious effect of removing that Pain Center, has allowed the Cartilage Free Knee to reassert itself. well as my "Good Ankle"...which is worrisome.
How high is that hill?
Does it grow still higher?
Peeing in a Jug is a Humbling experience.

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